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Hardware locks poor brand awareness industry development in our country

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-10
Hardware locks is metal products industry in China's traditional industries, in under the background of economy global integration, lock industry to shift development ideas, to meet the needs of different levels of consumers at home and abroad, realize the lock industry, nice and fast development. Hardware locks relationship to our families, units and the safety of the public, as The Times progress all kinds of different style, material, structure, function of hardware locks species emerge in endlessly. More than 30 years of reform and opening-up, China hardware locks industry growing, broader product coverage and enterprise brand gradually develop and expand, into the white-hot competition in the industry. At present, the main production base of hardware locks concentrated in zhejiang, guangdong, both in product variety, padlock, ball lock, such as hand lock still has a large market space, however, special use lock products with the upstream product development are changing, smart locks, building intercom has become indispensable in modern society life form a complete set of functional products. Seemingly insignificant little hardware locks, in fact, there is a huge gold mine. China hardware locks industry with annual sales of about 60 billion yuan, the production of more than 2 billion, had become the world's biggest producer and consumer, hardware locks products and formed in zhejiang, guangdong, shandong three major production bases. Products from the padlock is given priority to, to have 20 categories more than 100 series over 8000 varieties of designs and colors and specifications; From the traditional single tongue locks, double tongue locks to spherical door lock, hold the hand door lock, door lock, electronic lock, insert core magnetic card lock, IC card lock, car locks, motorcycle locks, fingerprint lock, digital lock, etc. , and mechanical and electrical integration, intelligentize and functional and decorative combination of direction development, basic formed a system of form a complete set of high, medium and low-grade products. According to customs statistics, in 2012 China hardware locks products exported to 208 countries and regions, exports reached 52. 2. 9 billion dollars. But, because of the lack of brand influence, China hardware locks the average selling price is only 1/15 of Britain, the United States and other countries. While China hardware locks products OEM to international brands, prices generally rising for more than ten times the original price. Brand awareness is poor, it is a common phenomenon in China's hardware locks industry. Its most direct expression, is the enterprise to design research and development, the purchase of advanced equipment and mold, training professionals and after-sales service and so on of the under-funded, seriously restrict the development of the industry. Brand awareness is poor, making the enterprise development ideas become narrow, cannot extend industrial chain, it is difficult to form product of form a complete set to change, diversified development. A lack of brand awareness of industry, it is difficult to produce famous brand. At present, the domestic enterprise is in a state of solo, remain the scattered development market, most companies become for international brand OEM & quot; Work & quot; Enterprise. Hardware locks production and other traditional industries in China has a long history. There is no lack of hardware locks industry in China has advanced design, good quality products, with the advanced countries. Now, we have to do is to regain confidence, focus on technology leather products innovation, speed up the implementation of brand development strategy, efforts to promote the transformation and upgrading of lock.
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