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Have you changed the lock after the decoration?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-03
Decoration key can match the owner's key, dear! Yesterday, I went to many lock companies and key preparation stores in Sanya District, and found that ab lock did have security risks. Although few companies can match key a with key B, according to lock master, most of the locks provided by developers are class a locks with low price and low security. Therefore, it is recommended that the owners replace the original locks with super class B or C locks with better anti-theft performance after decoration to upgrade the locks. It is not easy to prepare key B according to key A. 'can the owner's key be prepared according to the decoration key? God, my a key has been put in the decorator's side, and I haven't come back for half a year! ' Hearing this, Ms. Zhang, who lives in the New Park Village, was very surprised. Indeed, according to the reporter, many owners use the B key to open the door after finishing the decoration, and then throw the a key for decoration at will. Some of them are put on the decorator's side, but they don't want to come back! If the above statement is accurate, then the new house security door is not empty? In the interview, some people also said that it is possible that the technology is excellent. 'People who understand locks know that there is little difference between the decoration key and the owner's key. There is a rule to follow between the two keys. As long as you master this rule, you can make slight changes on the basis of the decoration key and match the owner's key. ' Said a master with years of experience in unlocking. Reminder: it's better to replace the lock cylinder after the decoration of the new house. Although it's not so simple to use the a key to prepare the B key, the reporter also learned in the interview that most of the developers equipped the owner's anti-theft door with a low-cost a-lock, and the security of this lock is not high, so it's recommended that the owner replace the super-B or C-level lock cylinder with better security performance after the installation and repair. Ms. Li, the head of a 110 linkage company, told reporters: 'the locks of the anti-theft doors of new houses are almost class a locks, because this kind of locks are relatively cheap, and can be bought for tens of yuan in general.' Of course, the opposite of low price is low security. Some professional locksmith can open it in a few seconds. Ms. Li said that the best way is to replace the anti-theft door lock core with a super-B or C lock with a high safety factor after the decoration, so as to upgrade the door lock. In addition, Ms. Li reminded some citizens of the habit of not locking the door when they go out, they must lock the anti-theft door, because for people who know how to do things, closing the door without locking is equal to not locking.
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