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He, use the smart door lock to open the heart of your hotel

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-06
After leaving Huawei, he switched to a short rent project, but the project was not as successful as expected. Instead, he accidentally discovered another opportunity in the process of starting a business. What he started his business this time was a smart door lock, so he found a team in Shanghai and immediately borrowed money to develop a wireless network door lock. Now this project has won the investment of Xiaomi Lei, he is LV Po (Chris), The big master of cloud pomelo technology. LV Po is a very keen person. Before he started the hotel industry, he deeply understood the operation mode of hotel management and soon discovered two problems, one is the gray income problem caused by the hotel staff erasing the housing record; Second, consumers do not want anyone to enter their rooms without authorization during their hotel stay, even cleaning and service personnel. And these two points, through the smart door lock of Yunyou, the user's housing information can be completely recorded in the cloud, completely avoiding the gray income problem of hotel staff. And in the process of hotel accommodation, users can completely hold the ownership of the room in their own hands, and no one can open the door without the permission of the house owner. At the product level, there is no need to replace the door lock, just cover the cloud pomelo smart door lock to the original door lock, which can help users to realize card-free and key-free door opening. Like other entrepreneurs, LV Po's goal is bullshit. However, when he came into contact with the industry of intelligent door locks, he found that although many pain points and user needs in the large accommodation industry can be solved through intelligent door locks, some hard problems must be solved, for example, the battery power and the corresponding speed of the door lock. So Lu Po and his team set two goals, one is that the battery is used for more than one year, and the second is a two-way response for one second. When it comes to how to solve the problem, LV Po found out how nonsense the goal he set at the beginning was, although the founding teams were all skilled and had some advantages, however, because none of the peers can solve this problem, the team is also suffering in the exploration of technology. Although the original goal was bullshit, the team members stayed in the laboratory day and night to deal with data, and finally survived and finally achieved the original goal. Now some hotels in Hangzhou have been put into use. At present, the products of Yunyou technology can be used for one year after installing the ordinary No. 5 battery. LV Po said that from this point alone, they can say that they are leading the world. The market is developing unconsciously, and now the smart door lock of Yunyou has achieved the first place in the hotel field. The market has opened up and the products are gradually maturing. At this time, we should not keep a low profile. The big Master Lv Po finally stood up and began to start his own brand, with an annual income of up to Yuan. This article comes from the business brother, the entrepreneurial family is authorized to publish, slightly modified by the hundreds of editors, the copyright belongs to the author, the content only represents the author's independent point of view.
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