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HID releases the latest mobile access control technology in Beijing, which can open the door remotely within 2 meters

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-07
Alipay and WeChat are eliminating bank cards, mobile phones and bracelets can also brush public transport cards, and access cards still seem to be a headache. From smart door locks at home to app that can open hotel rooms, unlocking with mobile phone app is not uncommon, but in enterprise-level fields with high security requirements, it seems that there is no safe and convenient access control solution. HID, a global security identification solution, has released the latest mobile access control technology in Beijing: using Bluetooth-based 4. TwistandGo gesture unlocking technology of 0, as long as the mobile phone is twisted 90 degrees to the card reader, the door can be opened remotely within 2 meters. At the same time, the phone will receive a slight vibration feedback, indicating that the card is successful. When you are near, use your mobile phone to tap the card reader, or you can unlock it through NFC. This mobile access control system is built on HIDGlobal's private cloud platform. The configuration process is simple: The administrator sends the Mobile ID to the user by email. After the user downloads the HIDapp on the mobile phone, the network activates the verification and can be used. Currently supports Android4. 4 above and Bluetooth 4. 0, iOS7 above and Bluetooth 4. 0 mobile phone. For the card issuer, HID mobile access control can greatly reduce the tedious process of card issuing and card selling. For example, when a new employee comes to the company for the first time, he can use the electronic access control to open the door, and the administrator can cancel the card at any time when leaving the company. There is no need to print and retrieve physical cards when working remotely and in many places, thus ensuring maximum security. Using the management software provided by HID, ordinary administrators can complete the card management. For users, an app can store multiple access cards and is highly customizable in terms of security and ease of use. For example, the user can set three schemes: when the mobile phone is on, when the screen is unlocked, and when the app is opened; The sensitivity of Bluetooth can also be adjusted in app to avoid misreading and theft of entrance guard when mobile phone is lost to the greatest extent. At the same time, HID's technology has good anti-interference. After testing, the mobile phone can also be unlocked when using Bluetooth headset to make a phone call. HID released the latest mobile access control technology in Beijing, which can realize remote door opening within 2 meters. Compared with other intelligent door locks, HID mobile access control has the greatest advantage of safety and compatibility. In terms of security, HID's app needs an authenticated download source and cannot be installed through apk; The data is packaged and encrypted, and the mobile phone and the card reader will conduct two-way inquiries and answers; Each card is associated with a unique device and needs to be re-authorized once the app is lost or deleted. In addition, HID itself is a professional supplier of access control management systems. It has acquired FARGO, a company specializing in card printing, to provide access control solutions for government agencies, banks, Huawei and other corporate buildings. Its access card and card reader have good downward support. Adding Bluetooth module to the original iClassSE card reader can realize the function of mobile access control, and can also support both physical card and mobile access control, combined Security solutions such as mobile access control and password. As a company focusing on innovation and user experience, HID is very popular with technology companies. Netflix is a loyal user of HID access control, and Samsung has also reached a strategic cooperation with it. It is understood that the development of HID on AppleWatch is already in progress.
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