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High-grade hand - the lock Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-03-04
Hold hand lock and other daily necessities, also can be divided into three grades, high-grade, middle-grade, the low-grade. With high-grade hand lock whether from time or appearance modelling are comparatively leading, is also a lot of consumer choice. Of course quality and price is directly related to, high-grade hand lock price is relatively high, should be considered when buying their own economic strength to choose.     Although high-grade hand lock prices are relatively high, normal ex-factory price in more than 100 yuan, but life is far beyond the low-end of hand lock, a quality pass high-grade hand lock service life for more than 10 years, reduces the replacement cost, in comprehensive ways, the price is lower. Choose new corrosion resistant material, separation technology, high-grade hand 100000 times normal open the lock.     High-grade hand lock is directly related to the manufacturers strength, rich yu hardware has 21 automatic production lines, monthly production of high-grade hand lock 600000, didn't lock in the outbound before after hundreds of test procedure, to ensure quality in line with the industry standard, free quotes online.
Over the years, has become very popular as more and more people are trying it out.
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