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High quality indoor door lock choice details

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-30
Select specific locks high quality indoor door lock is one of indispensable items in every household, kitchen, study, bedroom, bathroom and so on all is the need to install the door lock, a small door lock can ensure the security of indoor, and can be divided into separate space, the space satisfies the requirement of people's privacy. So the door lock selection is very important, so should from which aspects? Below we look at indoor door lock factory staff together to teach you how to choose high quality door lock.     When selecting a indoor door lock, the elements of the core is to choose according to their actual demand, is biased toward safety, mute, environmental protection, and beautiful, and so on. There are many locks provide choice every focus. When selecting a door lock also need to pay attention to home decorate a style and the thickness of the frame, suggestion choice and indoor style matching door lock, it will appear more tie-in harmony. Some door lock is the thickness of the frame has certain requirements for installation, which in most case, the thickness of the spherical lock for greater than 90 mm, the thickness of the concrete requirements can when buy consulting business.     Indoor door lock as items in the contact many times every day, feel is one of the main factors to measure quality locks, feel is good or bad directly and coating on the surface of the door lock and internal joint decision of the spring, a good lock these two points will have to, and use good spring and more plating processing, the door will greatly increase, the life of a spring is bad words not only touch, and prone to sagging phenomenon time nagato handle. These need to be especially pay attention to when buy.     Locks select another element is the lock materials, the common materials are these: stainless steel, aluminum, zinc alloy and pure copper in space. With pure copper door lock the highest specifications, price is the highest, can be made into various shapes, often appear on the villa front door; Stainless steel door lock is suitable for engineering or family commonly used; Zinc alloy and space aluminum door locks are now most families preferred door lock, its diverse styles, prices in general, can satisfy the basic demand for locks.     High quality indoor door lock choice through the above details of indoor door lock manufacturers, we choice for high quality door lock should be more clear, when trying to choose according to their actual needs to choose, choose surface of avoid by all means is more than the actual door lock. Want to know more information about locks, welcome to contact us at any time.
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