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High speed ball composition and development analysis in technical practice

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-16
High-speed ball is a very learned product. Generally, manufacturers that produce qiang cameras do not necessarily have the technical strength to produce high-speed balls. This article will unlock the technical principle and core of the high-speed ball! The principle of high-speed ball automatic tracking the automatic tracking technology is to carry out differential calculation on the image on the basis of intelligent identification to automatically identify the movement direction of the target within the visual range, and automatically control the PTZ to track the moving target. During the period from entering the range of the intelligent high-speed ball to leaving, through the configured high-definition automatic zoom lens, so that all actions are clearly transmitted to the monitoring center. However, once an alarm occurs in a certain area, other related intelligent high-speed balls will automatically rotate to the alarm point to start tracking, ensuring that the monitoring image can record the whole movement process of the target object. The realization of automatic tracking technology is completely based on its unique functional modules. Intelligent high-speed is generally composed of power mechanism, precision transmission device, CCD camera and digital splitting. The mechanical design structure is compact and light, and the positioning accuracy and reliability are high, which enables the intelligent monitoring camera to track automatically quickly and accurately, so that it can locate arbitrarily and cruise automatically in full range, realize real blind spot-free monitoring. In addition, the lens part of the intelligent high-speed ball camera will generally choose a high-performance lens, and the optical zoom ratio can generally reach more than 20 times. This enables the camera to automatically zoom and focus on the tracking target, and when the distance between the target and the camera changes, it can also automatically adjust the focal length to ensure the appropriate proportion of the target object in the picture, while locking the target object, the purpose of high-definition monitoring is achieved. The automatic tracking technology effectively meets the needs of users in monitoring definition, distance control, monitoring range, intelligence and other aspects, and is also suitable for many monitoring fields such as Safe Cities and banks. However, due to the complexity of the monitoring environment, it is not enough to meet the above requirements. In the process of tracking and monitoring, there will be multiple moving objects, this is likely to cause inaccurate monitoring. To solve the above problems, the second generation automatic tracking technology adopts the method of locking tracking, that is, after the operator specifies the target, the intelligent high-speed ball will automatically track the moving track of the object, aiming at a specific person or object, the camera can be locked and tracked. Even if other people or moving objects enter the camera's monitoring range, the camera will not lose the previously locked target object. In a square with a large flow of people, as long as the tracked target is manually locked, there will be no inaccurate tracking due to external reasons. At the same time, in view of the special situation of the sudden disappearance of the monitoring target, a product sets three choices after the disappearance of the relevant object, the first is to continue tracking at the disappeared location; The second is to continuously track the moving object of the target after being amplified to the optimal tracking magnification; The third is the tracking magnification that can be amplified to the starting point after the automatic tracking is interrupted. In addition, with the gradual deepening of the application of intelligent high-speed balls, users have a wider range of choices for movements and hardware. Some intelligent high-speed balls realize the automatic tracking function through a built-in integrated movement, which makes the compatibility of such high-speed balls poor. If other brands of movements are used, the automatic tracking function cannot be realized. In view of the compatibility problem, the intelligent high-speed ball adopts modular design, and automatic tracking can be realized through the hardware of the intelligent high-speed ball, so that the high-speed ball can be compatible with more movements and has a wider application range. High-speed ball technology core waterproof: waterproof is very important for outdoor high-speed balls. The outdoor high-speed ball is generally installed in a relatively high and empty place outside. The wind and rain are natural, so it is necessary to ensure that the waterproof performance of the product is good. Therefore, some efforts are needed in the structural design of the shell and the connection of the components. For example, a water tray can prevent water from entering the inside of the ball machine. Or a rubber ring is designed at the edge of the transparent ball cover to prevent water from seeping in. Even when installing, the joints need to be coated with waterproof materials provided by the manufacturer to achieve sealing effect. Some products have a waterproof performance of IP68 and can be used underwater. Of course, its requirements are higher, and the thread design of the screw should be very particular. « 1 2 3»
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