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Hold hand lock to choose one or the body good?

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-13
Hold hand lock lock also called handle, more common in the market of hand lock from structure to have two kinds of fission and an organic whole, the fission lock modelling is more concise, belongs to the new pie; While one lock design more traditional door lock, belongs to the tradition, so who better a war between the old and new? A hand lock to choose one or the body good?     1, install the difficulty & emsp;   Because fission lock was only recently appeared to design, install some teacher contact less, result in the installation process is easy to appear problem, installation is not skilled; And for the installation of experienced teacher, whether one lock or fission lock can be installed, is very simple, install difficulty.     2, durability & emsp;   In terms of durability, a lot of friends think fission lock is separate, don't feel strong, easy to fall off, etc. Actually this kind of situation does not exist, because fission lock while on the appearance of it, is separated from the fission lock panel and handle, but inside the card slot, both through the lock body fixed together, will not appear fall off, therefore, whether it is fission lock or one lock durability.     3, design nice & emsp;   Design is mainly related to production process, which can lock on the front panel of fine lines and patterns, with Chinese style and European style; And fission lock most modelling more concise, with contemporary and contracted and minimalist style is given priority to, each with its own characteristics. In terms of market popular, modern young people prefer to contracted style, so the fission lock is more popular in the market.     4, price comparison & emsp;   The fission of the same class lock will be higher than one lock on some prices, the main reason is that fission lock market time is not long, belongs to the new product, so the price will be higher.     5, difficulty of maintenance & emsp;   Because of fission lock panel and handle are separated, which position is malfunctioned, so if you don't need to change the locks, as long as the corresponding part of the demolition of maintenance, maintenance more convenient, based on this characteristic, now many hotels, office buildings and other public places more using fission lock.     Through the above introduction, everyone to hold hand lock choice fission or one should have a clear understanding, small make up recommend, decorate a style to Chinese or European, can choose one lock; If decorate a style to contemporary and contracted, the more suitable fission lock.
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