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Holding hands locked how to clean _ a hand how to maintain

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-14
From the door to the window locks, drawer lock to hold hand lock, we touched the locks every day, but we know the door installation and maintenance method? Small make up then tell everyone about the safe use and maintenance of hardware locks.     A hand lock how to clean & emsp;   A, appearance maintenance & emsp;   1, in the house during decorating, please use plastic bag, seal lock door panel parts, such as surface treatment in order to prevent the lock department layer when the house is decorated with acidic or alkaline materials and gas corrosion spots, sparkling delaminating phenomenon, even seriously affect the appearance quality of the hardware locks. Some hardware locks, zinc alloy and copper in the door after a long time will feel 'spot', this phenomenon does not belong to rust, but belong to oxidation, if that happens, just wipe with exterior spray wax can remove spots.     2, under normal circumstances, the safe use, if you have besmirch, can dry cloth to clean up, please do not use chemicals such as detergent to wash brush, otherwise it will fade. Don't use wet cloth to wipe the lock body and the handle, easy to cause some metal hardware locks rust point, alloy material hardware locks coating is easy to be ground, loss of mild and beautiful.     Second, the use of performance maintenance & emsp;   1, close the door when it is best to hold the hand of board, the lock tongue precession lock body, shut the door after loosening, gently hit the door, otherwise it will reduce the lock of the life.     2, when the main lock tongue or insurance out of the door lock tongue in vitro, please do not against collision, to prevent the lock tongue door frame damage.     3, due to the door and door frame on the sealing strip between elastic effect, so in regarding or keys to open the door lock is tight, shut the door with the hand push door open or at a sliding door to avoid the elasticity, without strong revolving door closed or keys to open, in case the handle or keys to cause fracture.     4, often maintain the position of the lock body drive for lubricants, in order to make it smooth and increasing the use of drive cycle. Suggestions for six months or a year inspection, inspection at the same time have to screw down the screws.     5, when used in security locks, regularly in the lock hole into the small graphite powder powder to keep the key inserted smooth or a pencil. But can not add other oil as a lubricant, stick to avoid grease spring piece, cause not rotate, cannot open locks.     6, from time to time inspection interaction lock body and lock the gusset plate spacing, the discretion of the lock tongue and lock the gusset plate hole have to cooperate with each other without becoming, mutual spacing at the door and door frame is best to 1. 5mm- 2. 5mm。 To detect if there is any change, we should adjust the location of the door hinge or lock the gusset plate. Also need to pay attention to the cold expansion caused by weather conditions, in order to make sure the door and door frame, lock body and lock gusset plate clearance fit reasonably, to use smooth hardware locks to safety.
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