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Home alarm monitoring platform to build a new choice for smart home

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-03
Recently, there was a piece of news that attracted people's attention. A woman said her old father died last year. The nanny she had hired changed the door lock at home and swept out the property. It can be seen from this that the civil air defense measures that only rely on the security of residential property cannot fully and effectively protect the safety of residential buildings, especially for acquaintances. It was the lack of a set of monitoring and alarm equipment in the informant's home that caused the nanny to steal without the owner's knowledge, resulting in the incident. Safety is the primary requirement of residents for smart home. Smart home security system is responsible for protecting residents' lives and property. The home alarm and monitoring security system can play an effective role in protecting houses, guarding against theft, reducing common criminal acts such as vandalism and burglary, in the past, smart home control centers often used visual intercom indoor units that entered the home first, while with alarm and monitoring equipment entering the home, building smart home centers using home alarm and monitoring platforms became a new choice. The new skills of monitoring system are portable and easy to access to the network. Since this year, the smart home industry has been booming. As an indispensable part of smart home, the development of home monitoring is very promising. With the development of video surveillance, home surveillance is progressing and is also an important part of home anti-theft. According to relevant sources, China's home security market is still in its infancy. Similar to the smart home field, many companies are exploring, but it can be expected that the future market will be large. There are about 0. 2 billion urban households in China. It is estimated that at least 5% of the households will consider installing security products at home in the next five years, with an average annual market demand of about 2 billion yuan. With the wide popularization of intelligent mobile terminals, and due to its unique portability and easy access to the network, mobile terminals have become ideal choices for dynamic monitoring and on-site monitoring. The specific implementation of the system is generally divided into two parts: connecting with IP camera to obtain the required video stream; Make corresponding judgment and response according to the monitoring scenario. At present, remote video monitoring system has become an important part of smart home. The intelligent monitoring system is based on Android operating system platform, with a flat-panel computer as the client, and downloads monitoring pictures from IP cameras through HTTP protocol, and use a variety of algorithms to intelligently monitor the situation of each room or different angles in the home. The user is connected to the IP camera through WiFi. After logging in to the IP camera, the monitoring channel can be selected to realize 4-way intelligent monitoring at the same time, that is, the basic situation in the observer can be observed: whether there are people entering or leaving the home, whether someone is at home, pays attention to tracking the objects appearing in the monitoring, identifies the lighting conditions of each room and the use of TV, computer and other household appliances, etc. , and can also be linked with other networking devices, to realize smart home control, home alarm, remote control and instant alarm, the core element of building smart home system is undoubtedly the designer's design in alarm system and fire safety. For most families, safety is always the first; In front of home anti-theft, fire prevention and gas prevention, the intelligent multimedia control system is like a floating cloud. The current alarm system is no longer a traditional manual operation platform, but an alarm host as an alarm front-end controller. In the event of an emergency such as burglar intrusion, robbery, smoke, gas leakage, glass breakage, etc. , the sensor will immediately learn and the alarm system will immediately trigger an audible and visual alarm to effectively deter thieves who attempt to steal, the on-site alarm host immediately displays the corresponding alarm area and alarm type to keep your family Alert. At the same time, the alarm host automatically dials the preset alarm phone to notify the user of the relevant alarm information. At this stage when the public security situation is still grim, how to protect personal and property safety provides a broad development space for high-tech intelligent security and intelligent security anti-theft systems. For home security alarm system, simple, safe, intelligent and other functions are the development direction. Intelligent security alarm system is favored in the market. At present, some manufacturers of anti-theft alarm equipment have developed products that use household alarm hosts to control household equipment. Using the home alarm and monitoring platform to build a smart home Center will change the previous smart home products with single products and single functions, making our operation more convenient and faster, A mobile client can realize remote monitoring and alarm functions, and building a smart home center using a home alarm and monitoring platform becomes a new choice. Conclusion: with the alarm and monitoring equipment entering the home, it is a good design idea to use the home alarm and monitoring platform to build a smart home center' We should not forget to choose the products that suit us, so that we can enjoy the convenience brought by the development of science and technology.
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