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Home safety丨These 8 anti-theft artifacts make thieves cry home-media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-17
According to statistics from the Ministry of Public Security, my country’s annual household losses due to burglary are as high as trillions, and home safety has become an urgent problem for individuals, families, and society to solve. We often see news about indoor burglary on Internet media TV, and the media and police remind us time and time again to pay attention to home safety issues. When we are worried about safety, we are lucky enough that thieves will not come to your house to steal things. Sometimes, you think it is far away from you, but in fact, the danger may lie by your side. You think you just need to lock the door and close the windows at home, but you don't know that the methods of thief unlocking are also improving day by day. The picture above shows the thief using a manipulator to open the door lock through the cat's eye. The tin foil unlocking method has been on the market for many years. It requires special tin foil tools. The main objects are flat locks, cross locks and AB locks, which can quickly open the door lock. The most frightening thing is that there are still many unlocking methods that we don't know. Today, I’m going to talk to you about indoor anti-theft things~ these anti-theft devices mentioned below, I hope you buy at least one of them at home. Security door stop reference brand: Mozhou Reference price: 178 yuan Maybe you have also heard of some protection measures for staying in hotels, such as putting a glass on the door handle, so that it can act as a reminder when outsiders come in. But have you ever thought that when you hear the noise, the bad guy may have already come in, and it will be too late to say anything. This safety door stop can transform the force of the impact on the door to the ground, ensuring that the door will not be opened by strangers at will. △The measured map can be used as long as the door is opened inward, whether it is a hotel, a shared house, a bedroom, or a bathroom. Requirements: The lower edge of the door is at least 1cm away from the ground. @用过的朋友 said: I recommend this safety door stop to female friends who live alone/shared/stay frequently on business trips and stay in hotels. The personal test is effective! ! Smart cat's eye reference brands: Spotted cat, Yikang, Luke Reference price: 800-2200 yuan without moving the door lock, directly use a tool to break the cat's eye, and extend the long rod in the picture above, less than 5 minutes Just easily open the door of your house! It's terrible! ! So I want to recommend Smart Cat Eye to you. It is not only anti-prying, anti-vandalism, anti-peeping, but also 24-hour real-time monitoring, mobile phone remote viewing, voice calls... many functions. In addition to these, I think the most powerful thing about Smart Cat Eye is the 'smart alarm' function with the mobile phone APP. Once someone moves in front of your home, it will remind you through the APP: someone is at the door; at the same time, it will record a video to tell you what is happening at the door. △Luke Smart Cat’s Eye Mobile App reminds netizens who have used it @周贞贞: Smart Cat’s Eye! Someone in front of the door will automatically sound an alarm and take pictures at the same time and send them to the phone. You can also talk in real time. Thanks to the smart door mirror for preventing a thief, there are still pictures of him taken at that time in the phone... Recommended brands of smart door locks: Fuyu Tianyan smart lock reference price: 2399 yuan From the aspect of security, ordinary anti-theft lock cylinders are really difficult to withstand the 'increasingly sophisticated' technology thieves. TV and Internet have repeatedly exposed most anti-theft locks on the market for tens of seconds. Open without leaving any traces. Fuyu Tianyan smart lock has a built-in camera capture function to keep the danger out of the door. In terms of functionality, the current mechanical lock is a locking function, while the Fuyu Tianyan smart lock has additional functions such as lock picking alarm, remote monitoring, anti-cat eye unlocking, and ultra-B-level lock core anti-opening technology for more than 270 minutes. Safer than mechanical locks. In terms of convenience, almost all young people can go out without having to bring a wallet, and the same home with a smart lock does not need to bring a key to go out, after all, with a smart lock, you can open the door directly with your fingerprint and password. Netizen @晓晨 said: My home is the Fuyu Tianyan smart lock. I travel a lot. After installing the Skyeye Smart Lock, I can keep track of the door lock dynamics every day. I can check the photos of parents and children opening the door every day, and the mobile phone can receive them. The anti-theft performance is also very good, which is very safe. Common brands of surveillance cameras: Xiaomi, Hikvision Reference price: 250-400 yuan If you travel frequently and there is no one at home, you are likely to be targeted by thieves. And the not too expensive surveillance cameras can let you know everything in your home at any time. Everyone is concerned about the security issues of monitoring. Because there is always news that the surveillance in our home may be seen by others on the Internet. If you want to install surveillance, there are a few tips from end to end: 1. Do not install cameras in places that involve privacy in your living, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and bathing rooms. 2. The password of the monitoring equipment should be changed frequently.
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