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Household intelligent door lock is about to usher in the critical point of outbreak

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-02
Smart home is praised as the most important scene economy for family life consumption in the future. Therefore, domestic and foreign giants such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, thunis, Haier, Microsoft and Lenovo are all involved, the concept of smart home is very hot. However, the concept of smart home is very hot and the products are cool, but consumers just don't buy it. Why is this embarrassing situation? The reason is that the user's pain point has not been cut. However, the smart lock, which is regarded as the entrance of the smart home, does the opposite and develops rapidly at a growth rate of about 40% every year. Therefore, in the next ten years, smart locks will become the most promising investment in the smart home field. Today, China's smart lock industry is still in the market cultivation period, so opportunities and challenges coexist in the future. In the end, whoever dies will see who holds the diamond in his hand. To hit the user's pain point and bring convenience to life, no matter which industry, the purpose of intelligence is to bring convenience to people's life. For example, the emergence of intelligent manufacturing has greatly reduced the labor intensity of workers; With the emergence of smart home appliances, you can control the home appliances before you return home. After you return home, you can enjoy a warm and comfortable environment and enjoy the comfort of taking a hot bath. . . . . . In the era of mechanical locks, many people lost their keys and were rejected by security doors; Or work overtime to go home and find that the key is left in the office, and have to return to the office to get the key back; Or go shopping back, big bags and small bags back to the house, but also to find the key to open the door and other encounters and troubles. The emergence of smart locks is to solve many pain points and troubles such as forgetting to bring keys or often losing keys during the use of mechanical locks. The smart lock can be unlocked through induction cards, digital passwords and fingerprints. In particular, fingerprints are widely used on locks as unique biological passwords, making it as convenient to open the door as opening the iPhone screen with fingerprints, it greatly enhances the convenience and quickness of people's unlocking. It is also very convenient for the owner. After the tenant moves away, there is no need to change the lock cylinder, just delete the fingerprint or authentication of the original tenant, which is not only convenient but also cost-effective. Therefore, such a smart lock that can solve the user's pain points must be the most promising investment in the next ten years. Household smart locks will usher in an outbreak critical point. According to the latest data, European and American electronic locks account for 50% of civil locks, South Korea's smart locks have a penetration rate of 80%, while the penetration rate of smart locks in Chinese households is less than 5%. In China, the smart lock market is still concentrated in hotels and engineering projects. In addition to hotels and engineering, long-term and short-term rental apartments have also become a new growth point in the smart lock industry in recent years. According to the new data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, at the end of 2016, China's floating population ( The floating population refers to the population separated from households in the municipal area after deducting the population separated from households)For 2. There were 4. 5 billion people, 1. 71 million fewer than at the end of last year. Therefore, it is expected that for a long period of time in the future, the demand for rental housing by the floating population, especially for long-term and short-term rental apartments, will be very strong. However, the smart lock has just solved the difficult problems and pain points of key management and authorization in the apartment rental process, so the smart lock of the apartment has developed rapidly with a growth rate of 30% in the past two years, there will be a trend of rapid growth in the future. In addition, the household retail market has reached the critical point of outbreak. In particular, with the gradual entry of post-80 s and post-90 s consumers into the Palace of marriage and the upgrading of second-hand housing decoration, the demand for smart locks will be further expanded. Therefore, some people in the industry expect that the household retail market will grow at a rate of at least 20% per year in the next ten years. Behind the rapid growth is huge market support. China is about 3. For 0. 5 billion families, every 5% increase in the installation of smart locks can bring about 17. 5 million sales and about 14 billion yuan in sales. With huge market potential, smart locks will become the most promising investment in the next ten years. Conclusion: intelligent locks have great rigid needs in people's daily real life, and the safe and convenient functions of intelligent locks can well meet the needs of users, it brings a cooler user experience and greatly improves the quality of life. In this case, the intelligent lock undoubtedly has great market value and will certainly be the most promising investment in the next ten years. ( Original title: in the next ten years, smart locks will become the most promising investment in the smart home field)
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