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Housing security blockbuster upgrade - NB smart locks id certification - | NBIoT intelligent networking lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-08
From id just need to check the market, the new ecological identification application content networking era is coming, how to realize the effective identity certification has become a hot topic, after all, people can remote control the machine age, the identity authentication failure or errors may be hidden risk of crime. With the development of the industry, based on id card check has reached a new high technology and mode of innovation, the new Internet ecosystem will be formed. Housing rental industry id check pain points: the need for offline certification of all the identity authentication technology, through the id authentication are the most effective, and authentication is ensured by law. No matter what the identity authentication technology of future development, as a trusted root, has the legal effect of the id card in a long period of time is likely to be eliminated, and the need for id verification scenarios will be more and more, have to the trend of the development of the residential areas, the most representative is the leasing industry. In the leasing industry, offline id check has been a big hassle. The landlord must go to the site or to seek the help of intermediary. To seek mediation house lease cost management will improve a lot. At this point, the rent leasing industry urgently needs a kind of low cost and effective way of id check. NBIOT scheme was born, innovation mode is worth looking forward to is not only a leasing industry, if a identity authentication mode can realize low cost at the same time, the identity authentication can achieve higher credibility, that for a variety of identity authentication scenario is all has a great imagination. Recently, the skynet interconnection technology ( Shenzhen) Co. , LTD. ( 'The skynet team') Is introduced based on the technology of a smart door locks, through intelligent locks validate user id, synchronous cloud platform, realize the cloud and the connection, via the Internet that can be read id information, and then through the server calls to the Ministry of Public Security to provide interfaces to verify renters identity information. In terms of check result, authorized by the Ministry of Public Security of the platform interface, can effectively prevent the certificate forgery. In addition, under the blessing of block chain technology, intelligent information system can prevent may tamper with contract, to ensure that information can be traced, and each one spare host node id check ability can be Shared and ensure the efficiency of verification. Low cost, good effect of check, information tamper-proof traceable, it is almost perfect way of identity authentication. Can satisfy completely the requirements of the industry's id card check, for the house lease industry provides the effective identity authentication mode. Policy, id verification with the application of ecology in March 2018, in the government work report, prime minister li keqiang has suggested, to speed up the construction of an innovative country, grasping the world a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution trend, further implement the strategy of innovation driven development, continuously enhance innovation and economic competitiveness. At present, China's leading global mobile Internet development, this is the advent of the era of Internet of things has laid a solid foundation. Is mature and stable technology, provides the Internet of things is extremely low cost, and highly efficient way of building operation and identity authentication management, provide a powerful boost for constructing a creative country. At the same time, in the face of increasingly strong demand under the housing rental market trends, skynet interconnection will also help the people running errands, less data run road 'of the national government policy. Under the policy of positive skynet connected to touch of vision, will be a iot of ecology. Hotel, rent apartment and rent the apartment accommodation check point is an id card just need to the scene. To ensure safe to stay in the hotel industry public security management method 'regulation, passenger check-in, the hotel must examine the identity documents, in accordance with the provisions of project registration according to the facts. In the era of intelligence, people want to don't need to register at the front desk, directly, but must abide by the relevant laws and regulations, implement in the system. With the development of intelligent door locks, based on the skynet interconnection platform provides low cost id verification scheme, in the apartment room after replacement with id check function of intelligent door locks, it can be achieved without the front desk to register, directly online booking, brush card, can also be combined fingerprints, refers to the vein, facial recognition technology to be card. From then on, the lodging industry intelligence door lock using skynet Internet services, 'id card instead of room card' can be realized. In order to allow the lodging industry more intelligent, skynet team onboard toB market, build a new ecological palace level identification. In addition, in view of the need to register the id manual scenarios, skynet interconnected low-cost, accurate, security access is also very popular. Lodging industry, just skynet interconnected into NBIOT the beginning of the Internet of things. At present, skynet interconnected NBIOT intelligent lock have the approval of the telecommunications, mobile operators, its smart door lock has been put in storage, China telecom, mobile product list. In addition, skynet interconnection also get in cooperation with shenzhen research institute of Peking University. In the depth of cooperation, skynet Internet application will have a broader market space. It is understood that the skynet team's strategic goal is to build billion level scale number of applied ecology, now has attracted many domestic well-known venture capital institutions. The project is high-speed development stage, the market prospect is very big.
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