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How can magnetic locks firmly installed?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-18
Total electric magnetic lock is inside of the principle of magnetic production, has the traditional key lock more good quality and advantages, and is more secure and practical. So how to properly install a magnetic lock? We must be prepared before installing magnetic locks work, is a screwdriver, screwdriver is the tool used to open the magnetic lock plate, then we could use the wrench open the side plate, so to prepare the work will be finished. In the process of magnetic lock installed in cartons must be make a mark on the door, using electric drill holes, then we have to do is install magnetic lock more complex steps, we need to insert the Allen screw in the iron plate, the rubber washer between two pieces of metal washers, and then set, hexagonal screw. Magnetic locks in the process of installation, to firmly installed, and we should be good to share these above, correct installation magnetic lock is we need to do the work.
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