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How can smart door locks catch consumers' hearts?

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-31
China is the largest producer and consumer of all categories. Locks must be equipped if there is a door. The annual sales volume of the domestic lockset industry in China is over 40 billion, and the lockset market is growing at a high speed of over 20% per year on average, at present, many communities have adopted entrance guard systems for safety. According to a survey of the access control market, more than 70% of end users and 80% of industry respondents believe that in the next 3 to 5 years, they hope to replace the traditional way of opening doors with mobile phones, key cards, labels or voucher cards. The survey further proves that the market demand for smart locks is expanding. For such a huge Smart Lock Market, how can the vast number of smart lock manufacturers seize the hearts of consumers? Xiaobing thinks that the following points must be done well: first, reducing the impractical fancy appearance design door is obviously the first line of defense for family safety and privacy, the characteristics that the door lock should also have are low-key, high safety and protection. Even the smart door lock with strong functions, if the design is too ostentatious, it will inevitably be targeted by people with ulterior motives. This potential threat is not borne by users. Therefore, the design of the intelligent door lock should be close to the ordinary door lock, and at the same time provide the traditional key unlocking solution to prevent the mobile phone application from failing to work properly. Second, easier installation and use experience in addition to appearance, smart door locks should be easier to install and simplify applications so that family members of all ages can easily use them. In addition, if the manufacturer can provide customized services, allowing users to choose products of different materials and designs according to their own decoration styles, it will also increase the attractiveness of the products. Three, can be linked to other smart home equipment smart door lock is also an intelligent product, so it is not only independent, but should have good interconnection with other smart home equipment. For example, it can communicate with smart phones, and perhaps it should also cooperate with monitoring cameras and other equipment to realize a safer protection mechanism. Future 3- In the past five years, with the strengthening of the development trend of the Internet and smart home, smart door locks will enter the homes of ordinary consumers in large quantities, bringing more convenient life experience to the vast number of consumers.
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