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How do anti-theft alarm products enter the homes of ordinary people?

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-12
With the popularity of intelligence, wireless and IT, and the strong pursuit of various new household appliances and trendy electronics, why do people still choose traditional security doors and locks, anti-theft network is used as the main means of anti-theft, but it turns a blind eye to the anti-theft alarm system supported by advanced technology and turns a deaf ear to it? Will the anti-theft alarm system be generally recognized and received by the public like consumer electronics one day, and buying an anti-theft alarm product is as common as buying an electronic product? Looking at the market, we can see that the civilian use of anti-theft alarm products is an inevitable trend. It is impossible for any industry to ignore the civilian market if it wants to maximize its profits. All the merchants are eyeing up this big cake, but they have no way to start. Why? How can we enter this coveted field as soon as possible? Let's discuss it together. How do I know if you don't say that? Anti-theft alarm products are a vague concept and a dispensable demand in the hearts of Chinese people. How to turn this dispensable into a necessity must first start with thought. Only when people first realize the function of anti-theft alarm products in mind can they have the possibility of further purchase. Any product that wants to enter the civilian market cannot do without correct guidance. Consciousness guides the generation of demand. When demand becomes necessary, this product really enters the life of ordinary people. Both manufacturers and sellers need to do a good job of publicity and promotion before or at the same time. Is it wrong for everyone to pursue beauty? Everyone who loves beauty has it! Good things are in line with the public's psychology and are more easily accepted by the public. The appearance of a product is like a person's appearance. The user's first impression of the product depends on the appearance. Beautiful and elegant appearance can improve users' goodwill and acceptance probability, and increase the added value of products. At the same time, appearance design is also one of the most direct and effective means to get rid of homogeneous competition and implement brand differentiation competition strategy. According to the calculation of the American Industrial Design Association, every US $1 invested in the appearance of industrial products can bring about US $1500 in revenue. The users of civilian alarm products are mainly home users. If the purchased products can be well integrated into the original home design, complement each other, or bring extra beauty to the original decoration, users are also more willing to accept. The pursuit of ultra-high cost-effective mass consumption is the most cost-effective. Good quality and low price are the ultimate pursuit of users. For anti-theft alarm products, the quality is better, the function is stronger, and the cost is lower. The appearance is beautiful, there is no reliable quality to back up, it is just a dispensable vase. The original intention of users to purchase anti-theft alarm products is nothing more than anti-theft and eliminating potential family hazards, such as fire, gas leakage, etc. If there is a problem with the quality of the products, it will not play the expected role, then the user's impression of the product will be greatly reduced. Powerful is practical for civilian products. Civil products do not need to be as professional and complicated as government and enterprise systems. As long as they meet the actual needs, making the best use of everything is the most powerful. The price of the product can undoubtedly produce the most direct stimulation to consumers. Everyone knows that the products with the same quality function, the lower the price, the more they will be favored by the mass consumers. Merchants who attract the public's attention at low prices have tried and tested. However, the low price of products cannot be exchanged for cutting corners and shoddy products. Only by actively carrying out technological innovation and improving production efficiency to achieve the goal of reducing costs is the right choice. Life needs fools' The development of science and technology is to make people's life simpler and more convenient. If the product installation operation is too complicated, it is undoubtedly a barrier between consumers and products. Dampens users' enthusiasm for consumption. The cumbersome life is too much for people to take care of, if you give consumers a fool' I think they are happy to accept that an alarm product that can be used by plugging in a button is as simple as using a fool camera, and one day it will be as popular as a fool camera. Serving the people takes serving the people wholeheartedly as the highest aim. The product has been sold out, and any problems in the future are none of their business. You know the consequences of doing so. Nowadays, people's awareness of safeguarding their rights is getting higher and higher, and they are paying more and more attention to the warranty period and after-sales service. After-sales service is even more essential for such professional products as anti-theft alarm. The after-sales service of big brand manufacturers is generally perfect, and they can respond to problems in time to ensure the normal use of products. This is one of the reasons why big brands are more favored by users. Serve God well, and God can bring you greater benefits. Summary from the current stage of anti-theft alarm development, the technology development is relatively mature, but the product operation is too professional and complicated, the product popularization and utilization rate is not high, the product omission false alarm problem is serious, the market response is not optimistic. Although the civil market has huge potential for development, the road ahead is rugged. This requires the joint efforts of the entire industry, based on the long-term, more in-depth understanding of consumer needs, and paying attention to consumer interests. In fact, it is concerned about its own interests. We believe that in the near future, anti-theft alarm products will surely enter thousands of households.
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