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How does the smart lock industry embrace the new retail era and do a good job in the 'last mile' after-sales service

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-13
In smart homes, smart door locks can be said to be the first door to open the smart home connection, attracting many businesses to enter. According to Zhao Hongwu, director of the National Lock Industry Information Center, there are currently 1,129 smart lock companies nationwide (as of February 28, 2018) and more than 2,800 brands. After more than ten years of development in my country, smart locks caused an explosion in 2017, with 8 million sets of civilian smart locks installed. Faced with the rapid development of the industry, the smart lock industry has also exposed some problems. Not long ago, I found a story in WeChat Moments: a user purchased a smart lock online, and after using it for a period of time, there was a problem and could not open the door. After contacting Taobao customer service, the reply was to ask the user to remove the lock and send it back for repair. The user said angrily: I was locked out of the door, how can I remove the lock and send it back to you? What should I do if I remove the lock? Although this paragraph is ridiculous, it objectively reflects a serious problem in the smart lock industry: How to solve the after-sales service of smart locks and how to ensure the interests of users? Smart locks are not like ordinary household products, even if they are broken, they can be left for maintenance or sent to the department for maintenance. Once there is a problem, you need to provide on-site service immediately, because this is related to the safety of daily life and family property. event. The smart lock industry is also different from home appliances, consumer electronics and other industries with a mature after-sales service system. It is not only a national joint guarantee, but even a global joint guarantee. Most of the dealers have their own after-sales service personnel or ask for after-sales service. Personnel to solve the problem; and most of the smart lock brands that are based on online sales are straggler-style locksmiths who are looking everywhere to solve the installation problem. Basically, everything depends on money and mood, in an extremely uncontrollable state. How to solve the problem when the products sold on the e-commerce platform are repaired? Xiang Yinyu, the founder of Fuyu Hardware, a professional brand in the smart fingerprint lock industry, pointed out: “The smart lock industry is a heavy after-sales industry, and it is also an emerging industry. , Production, marketing, after-sales and other aspects to meet user needs, so many companies can only choose to integrate offline local locksmiths or rely on dealers to solve the problem of smart lock after-sales. However, it is different now. The overall size of the smart lock industry Has risen, some powerful smart lock brands can establish their own after-sales service network to provide consumers with last-mile after-sales service. Fuyu Hardware is a professional hardware door lock manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience, and its products are not only smart Locks, bathroom hardware, indoor mechanical door locks and other products. In 2017, we began to deploy 'new retail' and determined the industrial layout of 'intelligent manufacturing + new retail + Internet'. Through this industrial layout, Fuyu can From the product quality, product after-sales and other diversified to meet the needs of consumers. What is 'new retail'? The concept of 'new retail' was first proposed by Jack Ma at the opening ceremony of the Yunqi Conference in October 2016. Ma Yun said in his speech, 'The era of pure e-commerce has passed. The next decade is the era of new retail. In the future, online and offline must be combined. Although the 'new retail' model has only been developed for more than a year, the major players in the industry continue to accept This concept has been put into practice. From today’s point of view, the new retail has a significant effect. Take Xiaomi as an example. Originally, Xiaomi was a smartphone company that grew up through Internet marketing. Xiaomi’s Internet marketing is also known as a classic case in the industry. But to With the end of the Internet traffic dividend in 2016, Xiaomi’s mobile phone performance grew weak and the market declined. When everyone thought that Xiaomi was not good enough, Xiaomi returned to the forefront of the world through the deployment of new retail, and successfully counterattacked. It fully proved the new retail business model. Power. New retail is a new type of business model with consumer experience and user-centered. The focus is on the integration and innovation of online, offline, and logistics. To put it bluntly, it is how to integrate the Internet, physical commerce and The supporting services are organically combined to meet the needs of consumers with lower prices and better services. What development opportunities does the new retail model have for the smart lock industry? The first type of business model in the smart lock industry is the B2B model, mainly in engineering , Government bidding, real estate business mainly. The disadvantage of making engineering orders is that the profit is thin and the payment cycle is long, the most important is that you can’t grasp the end user data in your own hands, and you can’t grasp the market conditions, consumer satisfaction and other consumption. Information. The second category of smart locks is the dealer model.
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