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How far can the low-price competition in the smart lock industry go?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-04
These two days coincide with the annual China (Yongkang) The International Door Industry Expo was held grandly, which is a great event for both the door industry and the lockset industry. But for an old man who has been working in the smart lock industry for many years' However, the author is not happy. I think it is necessary to pour cold water on the hot industry. Why can't you be happy? Why pour cold water? First of all, through two days of shopping, the author found that low prices and plagiarism have become a common occurrence in the smart lock industry, just like the fake mobile phones of the year, no one can stop such things from happening, because this is in China, the protection of intellectual property rights is not perfect, the illegal cost is very low, the cost of safeguarding rights is not only very high, but also the cycle is very long, thus leading to smart lock enterprises with patent rights and or intellectual property rights, in the case of knowing that their products have been infringed, they can only choose to turn a blind eye. Under such a background, it also makes those enterprises that imitate and copy more and more presumptuous, taking advantage of loopholes, taking the edge of the law, and pushing other people's products to the market with minor changes. This also leads to smart lock products on the market, whether it is a smart lock of up to several thousand yuan or a smart lock as low as several hundred yuan, which looks similar in appearance and function'. On the other hand, the smart lock market has just started and has entered an era of high homogeneity. Under the background of homogenization, for enterprises that imitate and copy, the product itself (No R & D investment) The market competitiveness has been lost, and the rest is the cost and price. Whoever can lower the cost, the lower the price, which means that the lower the price can get more sales. Pressing low costs and lowering prices means that the quality of the products will inevitably be reduced. Because it is necessary to have the same functions and experiences as mainstream products, it is obviously impossible to use accessories of the same quality as well-known brands. Only accessories with similar functions and different quality are used, only in this way can we make meager profits and let users experience the same functions as well-known brands. As for reference and imitation, the author thinks it is not shameful. Germany, a country famous for its quality, started from imitating and learning from developed countries such as Britain and France at the beginning, and finally surpassed Britain and France and other countries through independent innovation; Even our neighbors-- Japan has also experienced a qualitative change from imitation, reference to independent innovation. Therefore, it is not shameful to imitate and learn from it. It is shameful to imitate only its shape, but not its God. In China, home smart lock is a new industry. For many start-ups, it is inevitable to learn from it in the early stage, but it cannot be copied blindly and the quality of the products is ignored. Judging from this Yongkang men fair, the same appearance has been flooded, the functions are the same, the quality is also uneven, and the number of people who can get the test report of the Ministry of Public Security is even rarer. Therefore, under the circumstances of plagiarism in appearance, lack of innovation in function and difficulty in ensuring quality, there is no other advantage except price. And that of products may be a few ten set, a few hundred set investment market appear issues don't will How much of influence but a few of set, a few 100,000 set into market, once there is a collapsing quality problem, it will affect not only the reputation of the enterprise itself, but also the credit of the whole industry. Of course, it also harms the interests of users. For the user, once the TV, refrigerator and other electrical appliances fail, they can be used for a day or two, but the door lock is different. After all, the user must go in and out of the house every day, so the smart lock is for the user, service and after-sales are zero waiting'. For enterprises with an ex-factory price of only 100 or 200 yuan, the profit is already very low, so how can they take care of after-sales? There are even many enterprises that only serve the immediate interests. Once there are a large number of after-sales problems, they choose to withdraw from the market and finally shift the responsibility to dealers and agents. The company has gone away, and the biggest loss is the dealers and agents, as well as the users of the terminal. Therefore, low-price competition is not a long-term solution. Agents and dealers should be cautious when choosing brands and enterprises. Users cannot only look at prices when buying.
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