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How intelligent fingerprint lock the doors can hold?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-15
Fingerprint lock is a computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware craft perfect crystal. Fingerprint smart locks, in principle, applicable to all doors, but we need to consider whether the application of fingerprint smart locks, reasonable selection need to combine the actual conditions and environment. 1. Fingerprint identification needs to improve, main show is part of the people can't use the fingerprint lock, usually with 1% 5% of people can't use the fingerprint smart locks, or you need to identify to pass for many times. But there are manufacturers in start a vein lock to compensate for the fingerprint identification of the faults. 2. Battery life of different length. Energy-consuming function of how many, the rationality of the circuit design is scientific, leakage protection, use the number and frequency of high and low are the important factors influencing the power supply. 3. High stability fingerprint smart locks, fingerprint intelligent lock is an electrical device, lock quality is good or bad, the scientific nature and rationality of circuit design, will affect the stability of intelligent fingerprint lock. So although intelligent fingerprint lock for all doors, but still need to pack according to our demand, it is not necessary to do not need to install.
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