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How is the 'top ten brands' released? -- Unannounced interviews with brand selection agencies

by:FUYU     2020-01-18
2013-11- 10 Source: Xinhuanet Browse: 12 Comments: 0 Core tip: 'top ten brands' are flying everywhere, consumers are dazzled. On October 6, the Xinhua Viewpoint column once broadcasted the report 'the tricks behind the' top ten brands ', which initially revealed the chaos in this market. How is the 'top ten brands' of all kinds evaluated? What are the unknown inside stories? What is the background of the selection organization? The reporter continued to investigate and visit. Comics: Tailor-made. Xinhua News Agency, Jiang Yuexin Xinhuanet Beijing November 5 (Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint reporter Li Yanan, Xi min)The top ten brands are flying everywhere, and consumers are dazzled. On October 6, the Xinhua Viewpoint column once broadcasted the report 'the tricks behind the top ten brands', which initially revealed the chaos in this market. How are the top ten brands of all kinds evaluated? What are the unknown inside stories? What is the background of the selection organization? The reporter continued to investigate and visit. The license is limited in time, and the factory data can be used for the quality inspection report. In the list of unqualified furniture products recently announced by the Guangdong provincial quality supervision bureau, there is a young furniture product called Angel dream that has the problem of warning signs and unqualified formaldehyde emission. The company's website shows that its products were obtained by China Light and medium Products Quality Assurance Center (Hereinafter referred to as the light warranty) Three certificates of 'China Famous products', 'quality trustworthy products' and 'China excellent green environmental protection products' were issued. Brand honor is added, but the quality is not up to standard, which inevitably makes people doubt the authority and impartiality of the selection. The reporter found that many companies have obtained honorary certificates issued by the light warranty, involving furniture, jewelry, health care products and other industries. So, how does the center carry out brand certification? The reporter called the center in the name of a craft porcelain company to consult on brand certification. A Ms. Liu said that they can apply for 20 qualifications, such as China's famous brands, China's high-quality products, National Quality, trustworthy products, national porcelain products, quality notarization, top ten brands. The reporter said that he wants to handle the Chinese famous brands and the national top ten brands of porcelain product quality notarization. Ms. Liu said that each item is 5000 yuan, which is the preferential price for small and medium-sized enterprises by the end of this year. After the preferential policy is canceled next year, it will rise to more than 10 thousand yuan. The reporter asked how to handle it? Ms. Liu said that as long as the company profile, business license, tax registration certificate, trademark registration certificate, test report and other copies of the company's official seal fax or mail to them, after they pass the review, they will inform the bank account number, and the company can get the certificate after completing the payment. The reporter asked what to do if there was no test report? Ms. Liu said that if there is no industry standard in the porcelain industry, it is only necessary to issue the product factory data or the contract signed with the customer to prove that you are making it according to the customer's requirements. Subsequently, Ms. Liu sent a price list, application form, Certificate sample and other materials. The reporter found that the center issued a notice to the company by imitating the government's red-headed documents, requiring the company to actively participate in the declaration of various qualifications. In addition to the qualification name, the certificate sample issued by it also has the number, anti-counterfeiting mark, validity period, etc. Ms. Liu told reporters that the certificate has two A4 papers, which are made of special anti-counterfeiting paper and are valid for 18 months. Since then, Ms. Liu has repeatedly called to ask questions, and has repeatedly stressed that materials involving enterprises are provided, and those that are not involved are not required. The certificate can be customized and can be discounted. If the light warranty is to pay for the certificate, the reporter's unannounced visit to another institution is even more exaggerated, not only can the certificate of 'national authoritative testing quality qualified products' be handled without the quality testing report, but also the required certificates can be customized for enterprises. The reporter's investigation found that the organization called the China Famous Brand Product Development Committee also issued brand certification certificates for many companies. Li, a person in charge of the South China office of the agency, posted on a trade website that, it can help enterprises to handle 52 brand certificates including 'national consumer trust brand', 'national industry top ten brands' and 'National XX industry Top Ten Famous Brands. The reporter got in touch with Li as the person in charge of a classical furniture manufacturer with an annual sales of 20 million yuan. Li showed reporters more than a dozen certificates signed for the China Famous Brand Product Development Committee, among them, a furniture factory in Dongguan, Guangdong province handled 'China Famous Brand', 'China green environmental protection products' and 'quality ·Services ·Credit AAA enterprise '3 certificates. « Previous 1 2 Next»Label: top ten brands Xinhua Viewpoint column
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