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How many money - interior room door lock Manufacturers selling real-time quotes

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-13
Indoor door how many money? This question will be asked, there are often customers virtually every customer's needs are different, the price of this has led to the interior room door lock is not standard, such as: what kind of material, how much of a lock body specification, what kind of lock, appearance style and so on, these will have an effect on prices. How much is the indoor room door lock, therefore, need to clear requirements, get the price.     1, indoor door material: common indoor door with zinc alloy and stainless steel, the price range of these two kinds of material are very big, middle and high-grade, rich yu hardware manufacturers selling price is between 40 and 100, can meet most customers different demand.     2, indoor door lock: more lock on the market with stainless steel and pure copper material qualitative, standard, which has two kinds of national standard and European standard, European standard of pure brass lock core production cost is very high, also led to the relatively high price, price decision value, high quality.     3, indoor door manufacturing process: how much plating process with indoor door has a direct relationship, many businesses sell their products on the market of the time said the electroplating process, but there are some differences among this, for example: three layers and certainly more than 8 layers electroplating electroplating effect to many difference, the price also is not the same, like aluminum interior room door lock, because the metal itself is not suitable for electroplating, the price is low.     Indoor door how much money, the only clear your actual need, to make accurate accounting prices, allowing you to spend less money and fewer walk to success, fu yu hardware 21 years experience in interior door production, factory direct sale, real-time quotes.
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