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How many money - ordinary lock Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-22
Since ancient times, people's security consciousness is very strong, and then take the door, have been the upgrading of again and again, no matter from the appearance and functional properties and the start of the greatly different, great changes have taken place, can meet the needs of various consumers. For the door, many consumers are concerned about the price, how much is the common room door lock, want to know the price of, can spend less money at the time of purchase, in fact, it is not to spend how many money, but the product itself is worth.     Common room door lock is every hospital, the school must be installed products, ensure the safety of every space, don't let the thief takes, from the source, do a good job of the anti-theft security guarantee their safety and property loss, avoid the problem. Common room door lock is mainly use the lock tongue and lock body card die design, open the door turned the handle and close the door lock tongue automatically pop up, using his DFN mute technology research and development, can guarantee in damp environment, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance to moisture, increase the service life.     Spend how many money can buy to the common room door lock, and a lock the concept of value, how much money is different, need to be sure, good lock must have been for home security escort, consistent with the value. Fu yu hardware itself is the manufacturer, the production of the door are selling prices, quality assurance two years, ten years like one day price, quality has been promoted.
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