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How many smart home products have you bought? Have you used these models?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-05
How convenient is life in the intelligent era? With the development and popularization of smart home, the APP is turned on before arriving home, the air conditioner has turned on the cooling mode, the fingerprint scanning door lock can open the door, and the sweeping robot has already been cleaned according to the scheduled time, after eating the big meal, the tableware is placed in the dishwasher. Once pressed, it will be automatically cleaned and disinfected. The soothing music will come from the sound, and the washed clothes will be thrown into the washing machine, automatically select the most appropriate cleaning mode. Such scenes have become a reality in life. With the help of artificial intelligence, more and more household products are intelligent, providing people with more efficient and comfortable life experience. Xiao Bian summarized several of the hottest smart home products. Electric toothbrushes, now people pay more and more attention to oral hygiene. In addition to regular tooth washing, they also attach importance to the selection of toothbrushes, from the beginning of ordinary manual toothbrushes to the present electric toothbrushes. The survey shows that electric toothbrushes are more scientific and effective than ordinary toothbrushes. It can remove dental plaque more thoroughly and reduce gingivitis and gingival bleeding. It is also a common commodity in many European and American countries. This healthy life is also gradually prevalent and spreading in our country. Electric toothbrushes are mainly divided into four categories: electric toothbrushes, sonic toothbrushes, ultrasonic toothbrushes and electric spray toothbrushes. With the improvement of technology, there are many kinds. Generally, teeth are cleaned by vibration rotation, and some high-grade ultrasonic instruments are equipped to clean teeth by pulse and water spray. Intelligent toilet, intelligent toilet was originally used for medical treatment and elderly health care. Body cleaning function can reduce the prevalence of various bacterial infections and anal diseases. Massage function can promote blood circulation and prevent related diseases. Traditional toilets are often connected to water tanks, and long-term non-use will lead to bacterial growth and endanger health. With the development of science and technology and people's awareness of paying attention to the quality of life, intelligent toilets are becoming more and more accepted. Its own functions such as hip cleansing, lower body cleansing, mobile cleansing, seat insulation, warm air drying, automatic deodorization, silent seating, sterilization, etc, it provides consumers with a comfortable experience when preventing diseases and reducing the growth of germs. The intelligent sweeping robot used to clean the home, the most puzzling thing is the dead corners in the room and the hair falling off forever. Using traditional cleaning tools: brooms and mops to clean the home can not solve the problem of dead corners and hair problems. Now there is a sweeping robot, which has greatly improved the cleaning problem in the house in life. The sweeping robot automatically completes the floor cleaning work in the room with certain artificial intelligence. With cleaning (Drag) Function, automatic recharge function, APP intelligent remote control and other functions. Nowadays, people are busy with work and the pace of life is very fast. It is common to travel frequently. Once there is no one at home, no one will clean up. After a few days, they will find dust on the ground. As a new intelligent household appliance product, sweeping robots are also constantly improving in order to further meet people's needs. Dishwasher, in recent years, dishwasher, a type of household appliance, has begun to be accepted by more and more people. After a large number of users' personal experience, the cleaning and sterilization effect of the dishwasher is better than that of hand washing, and more importantly, it also saves you valuable time. The functions of the dishwasher are: washing, disinfection, drying, and cupboards. Its advantage is to save time and effort and greatly reduce the cumbersome manual labor. Strong decontamination ability, thorough disinfection, good for human health. Easy to operate and automatic washing. Energy-saving and water-saving, multi-purpose, in addition to washing dishes can also wash vegetables, fruits, etc. , can also be used as a disinfection cabinet. However, it is a bit redundant for people who often eat takeout and live alone. Summary: smarter home appliances, more personalized settings, greatly improve the life experience, intelligent life is getting closer and closer to us. Are you using the above smart homes?
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