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by:FUYU lock     2020-10-25
Indoor door lock can be seen everywhere in life, indoor door lock is not just about the advantages of the modelling of guard against theft and has a lot of rich, better able to decorate our living environment, most of the material for metal alloy, derived from the nature, is the real environmental protection material, with pollutants in and of itself. And indoor door locks modelling diversity, graceful, not only add color to life, and increase the fun, is advantageous to the owner's physical and mental health development.     How much do you know about the advantages of indoor door lock?     1, simple installation & emsp;   With obvious difference between outdoor door lock, indoor door lock installation is more simple, don't need to install complex technology, can be installed on their own.     2, beautiful modelling & emsp;   Different modelling of indoor door lock on the market not less than 1000 kinds of styles, in line with the mass aesthetic demand, can fully embody the personalized style.     3, meet different demand & emsp;   After years of development, interior door lock has developed many different functions, such as mute, sterilization, fire prevention, anti-collision, corrosion resistance, etc. , to want what features of the product, you can find.     4, durable & emsp;   Through technology upgrading iteration, indoor door lock also ushered in the great development, quality can generally use two to three years, better use of 10 years is very normal, very durable, long service life.     5, cost-effective & emsp;   Indoor door lock as a hardware product, the price of itself is very low, wholesale prices are between 20 and 100, the retail price of between 30 and 200, the price range is affordable for most consumers, and can be used for many years without replacement, with a high ratio of performance characteristics.     Indoor door lock as one of the products of wooden door, in the engineering construction, is an important and indispensable part of product is small, but the huge value. Fu yu hardware professional for wooden door, wooden door factory, engineering projects offer indoor door supporting services, if necessary, welcome to consult.
need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
Knowing these basics of is every essential. But if you don't know how to choose the proper for your specific need, let Zhongshan Fuyu Hardware Products Co., Ltd. experts be your guide. Enquire us at Fuyu Door Lock Manufacturers.
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