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How much do you know - for mute indoor door Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-14
Now mute indoor door USES more and more widely, the style of the door lock is also more and more, mute indoor door lock in addition to install on the door in the bedroom, many places have higher requirements of sound for the occasion is changed into the mute indoor door lock, such as: cinema, library, meeting rooms, etc. Since so many place need quiet interior door lock, but you know for how much it?     How much do you know for mute indoor door lock?     Mute indoor door lock and common indoor door lock difference is mainly reflected in the lock body, mute indoor door lock is used magnetic suction mute lock body, lock body size is given priority to with 72 x 55, lock body internal installation has a permanent magnet. Under the conditions of opening and closing door, lock tongue may retract into the lock body, and in the closed state, the lock tongue automatically pop up, greatly reducing the collision or the secondary damage caused by friction on indoor door lock; Therefore, everybody in distinguish mute indoor locks and traditional indoor door lock, the lock tongue state can tell, have the tradition of the tongue is door lock, see tongue is mute indoor door lock.     According to small make up to know, at present a lot of consumer understanding of mute indoor door lock or is in a state of a stranger, actually mute indoor door lock after years of technology upgrading, has become the first choice for many families, not only rich style, and functional stronger, and the price is not high also. Fu yu hardware indoor door lock manufacturers, professional for the wooden door factory, wood shop, lock engineering projects supporting services.
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