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How much does Sanya security door cost to change

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-28
One anti-theft door changes the lock cylinder how much is it? One anti-theft door changes the lock cylinder. The price should be determined according to the quality of the lock cylinder. It is cheaper to replace the level-D anti-theft lock cylinder commonly used by families. Generally, the price is about 90-120 yuan, especially good ones are more than 200 yuan. 2. When replacing the lock cylinder for the anti-theft door, one is the quoted price of the lock cylinder, the other is the labor cost for replacing the lock cylinder. Generally speaking, the quoted price of the better lock cylinder ranges from 200 to 1000 yuan, and the service fee ranges from 50 to 200 yuan, so it can be selected according to its own needs. 2. The process of changing the lock cylinder of the anti-theft door 1. After selecting the lock cylinder, screw down the two screws on the upper and lower parts of the handle panel. These two screws are mainly used to fix the panel, which can be completed with a cross screwdriver and are very simple. 2 after the screws are screwed, put the screws in place, screw off the lock cylinder and put the screws on both sides of the sleeve, but pay attention to that the two screws should not be screwed too tightly when the device is installed, so as to avoid that the anti-theft door handle is too tight and cannot be opened. Remove the handle first, then the lock cap. 3. Put the lock cylinder into the sleeve to remove it, and put it together with the screw. Remember that the process of disassembly is the same when it comes back. All the things that have been disassembled should be put together. Don't throw them away. 4. Screw out the screws that fix the lock cylinder, and remove the lock cylinder. If you can't pull out the lock cylinder by hand, you need to knock down the left side of the hammer or the right side of the lock head, and try again. 5. After the lock cylinder anti-theft case is installed in accordance with the method of process 3, stab the safe bolt into the handle of the device and in front of the handle of the device, and then install the handle on the device. 6. The inside handle and the outside red hand of Helong watch should be pressed and held together by someone. They should cater to each other symmetrically before continuing to the next step. 7 adjust the handle inside the watch. It must be harmonious. The screw hole should be aligned with the nut on the other side, or use the flashlight to light up and then rotate the screw. Is a regular record of Hefei unlock unit. The services involved include: unlocking and repairing the lock, opening the safe, replacing the super-B lock cylinder, etc. Huibao has a deep discussion and Research on various locks. Many difficult locks can be solved by our locksmith's master. We can repair all kinds of imported locks, domestic locks, advanced car locks, anti-theft locks, filing cabinets, safes, etc. The company provides 24-hour door-to-door service, and has designated service points in Luyang District, New Station District, Yaohai District, so as to achieve fast door-to-door service. The company has fingerprint lock, TM card lock, password lock, intelligent lock, computer lock, magnetic card lock, induction lock, cross lock, insert core lock, fire-proof door lock and security system. The brands of indoor door lock and lock are: Wan Jiabao De'an strength, Hongli Shenshi, Li'an Xerox, taixiang, he Yizhong Heng, using hangying Yuexin Juli Jiawei 3 and Huaying Jindian Keyu Huaneng lock, jiulingjiu security lock, Yangjian class B lock, Wan'an lock. ????????????????????????.
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