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How much is the bedroom door a - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-20
Bedroom door is every family to use a product, in the choice of everyone how much money for the bedroom door when visibility is very high, almost every people to buy when asked, but everyone is not the same as the result, there are more than 50, more than 100, the price is. What causes the price gap so big? Fu yu hardware lock factory here for everyone to do a detailed introduction.     Bedroom door how much influence factors: & emsp;   A: materials & emsp;   Bedroom door production materials have great influence to the price, because it is directly related to factory production costs. Bedroom door when mainstream production materials have stainless steel and zinc alloy, the market retail price between 50 to 200 yuan, the price range is also the most popular market.     2: the craft & emsp;   Many other craft room door lock in the bedroom, have more influence on how much money is the electroplating process, electroplating process for the product not only can increase the use of level and feel in appearance, can prolong the service life of more. Zinc alloy material, for one, do didn't do the plating and electroplating on dozens of the price will be difference, specific price difference according to the actual situation judgment.     3: look at the brand & emsp;   Choose brand bedroom door when the price will be more expensive than unknown products on some, the main reason is that the brand products in addition to providing products, pay more attention to the late service output. For example, in use process, the product malfunctioned, by this time the door manufacturer is the need to provide after-sales service, should the price will be high on some.     Saw the introduction of the above, we know, how much is the bedroom door is not simple can clear, comprehensive, it will be affected by many factors which influence the larger is the production materials, production technology, and brand value.
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