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How much is the wholesale price - hand lock Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-22
Hand lock can meet every day in our life, a hand lock, also known as handle lock, common are spherical holding hand hold hand lock two locks and panel, contains life meet most of the lock. And other products, the quality of different hand lock the price is different also, in accordance with the wholesale price, can be hand lock is divided into three categories of high-grade, middle-grade and low-grade, the price of each grade, quality, process is differ, so hand lock wholesale price is how much? Is affected by many factors, let's look at below.     A hand lock wholesale and how much is the price?     Hand lock wholesale price is according to the use of materials, production process and need the number of integrated calculation, before buying a hand lock, first of all know the quality of what they want and what material of hand lock, generally aluminum alloy material of hand lock the cheapest, use time at about 2 to 3 years. Stainless steel and zinc alloy material of hand lock has the mid-range and top grade two, wholesale prices in 30 yuan to 100 yuan between, the service life of the good quality in 10 years or so.     A hand lock wholesale and how much is the price? No concrete answers, but according to the actual demand, comprehensive calculated. Small make up recommend: from normal manufacturer replenish onr's stock, not only style is complete, the quality accord with standard, and there is a problem, can be resolved in a timely manner, all of these are done by small workshops.
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