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How much money a - interior door Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-24
Indoor door lock, how much to buy indoor door lock is in order to ensure safety in the home, the thief, the thieves to use, it is necessary to buy a good interior door lock, don't mean difference of more than ten dollars, good quality, the use of a long time is the fundamental, indoor door lock, how much more manufacturers on the market prices are between 20 and 100, using different materials, the process is different, the price will be different, as below fu yu hardware to have a look at it in detail.     Indoor door lock, how much is price in the market have a certain interval, because each production manufacturer is the cost of the investment in technology and there is a difference, and material procurement costs are also different, so will cause the market price has great discrepancy, such as: European standard or national standard, big lock body or small lock body, brass lock core, or other material, the length of the warranty period, and so on many details comprehensive determines the how much indoor door lock, products of high and low price.     Indoor door how much money a pair of, the price is the second, as long as the quality, take the rich yu hardware, is to use online offer, the price is unified, wholesale price, the customer can spend less money and buy a better indoor door lock, quality assurance two years.
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