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How much wood door lock general - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-01
Wooden door lock believes everyone not unfamiliar, can be used in the bedroom door, study door, backstairs, wooden door, in indoor security and household adornment cannot ignore the important role, while the wooden door lock is common in our life, but most people it is not clear, the price of the wooden door lock general how many money, everyone is concerned about, specific how many money, ask manufacturer in, more clearly.     Small make up a lot of clients, is to directly cheap wooden door locks, will be cheap, but if it is too cheap, such as iron locked or spray paint, average prices in more than ten dollars, or twenty dollars, the price is very low, but there is this kind of lock quality? Only can say, no warranty, no service. So, want to buy wooden door lock's friend, it is recommended that look at the word of mouth, and then select a product, the price is the consideration.     Wooden door locks in general how many money, small make up recommend considering from his needs first, figure out home decorate a style, is a modern, Chinese style, or Europe type, etc. , choose ok look at design style, choose modelling collocation of wooden door lock. Demand was determined, such as the price is negotiable, quantity, wholesale prices can go, reduce the cost of demand to buy the product at the same time, why not.
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