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How room door lock, lock removal methods - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-05
Lock is every household should use product, time is long will inevitably encounter all sorts of failure, failure will replace the new locks, beginning ability strong friends may be your own operation, removed will lock at this moment, because every lock may not be the same, remove method is different also. Fu yu hardware small make up today to introduce the market mainstream type of lock removal methods, hope to be of help: & emsp;   Fission lock removal methods: & emsp;   1, use knead hex wrench handle at the bottom of the screw removed, remove the handle.     2, use a screwdriver to screw and guide plate fixed screw removed, remove the guide plate and the fission lock panel.     3, pull out the lock body and lock.     One lock removal methods: similar to fission lock, major demolition of panel and guide board, handle fixed screw, take out the lock body, lock.     Ball lock removal methods: & emsp;   1, in the inside of the relative direction lock handle, there is a small hole on the handle, with a stiff fine things ( Such as nail) In hard to resist, and pull his hand ball go toward outside.     2, put the card on the door that the disc counter clockwise turn out, you will see, there are two screw, with a phillips screwdriver to get off, from outside of the relative can pull out its.     3, from the door lock heart tired wire knife to remove two tired wire can be pulled.     Above is the common three types of lock on the market, and the corresponding removal method. Went to lock demolition process is very simple, oneself start work can be easily removed, take the old lock body to the hardware store, with a new one, can be installed.
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