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How safe is the smart lock? Four problems that most families will encounter, teach you to solve this easily

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-16
Nowadays, many owners attach great importance to the improvement of the quality of life. The more comfortable and the more convenient it is, the owners' pursuit of life. In order to have a comfortable and safe environment for the family, installing smart locks is now one of the main directions of home hardware upgrades. Some owners have some concerns about the installation of fingerprint locks. Will it be too troublesome to change the lock? Will the security of the smart lock stand the test...Four doubts that most families will encounter, Fuyu smart lock can easily answer and understand Let's go down. Question 1: Installing a fingerprint lock will attract a thief. Answer: If no one deliberately triggers the door lock, the screen, buttons, and fingerprint recognition are all in the 'standby state' under normal circumstances, and the TA will not emit any light. Being a quiet beautiful man will not attract the attention of the thief at all. If you really get attention because of TA's cool appearance, you don't have to worry about it. Then look down...Question 2: Will it be unsafe for fingerprints to be 'taken away'? Answer: If fingerprints are accidentally left on the used glass, will they 'copy' my fingerprints, so that my home It's not safe anymore! I sincerely advise you that you really think of yourself as the hero of the movie, hurry up and wake up. The current smart lock is equipped with a living fingerprint recognition module, unless he pushes your finger to lock it, I can hardly imagine how to crack it. Of course, I don't deny that there are fake fingerprint film services now, but you can try to verify it, anyway, I tested it and it didn't work. After all, this 'black technology' is something I can't learn. If you really get to the essentials, I am afraid there is no need to be a thief. Question 3: What should I do if the smart lock is out of power? Answer: If the smart lock is out of power, it does not mean that you have to sleep on the road. According to the 'standardFuyu Smart Lock can open the door 50 times when the battery power is low and is lower than the low power state, and it will intelligently remind you to replace the battery at the same time. There is really no electricity at all. We have also developed an external USB emergency charging socket. There are multiple solutions, and there is always one that suits you. Question 4: What should I do if someone knows the password? Answer: A friend or relative just stopped by when you were not at home to take a look. Would you like him to wait at the door for your return? Then you have to tell him the smart lock code and let him sit at home. Fuyu Tianyan smart lock has an insight into this pain point and developed a temporary password function. When relatives and friends visit temporarily, the cleaning aunt will clean up, even if you are not at home, you can easily deal with it. Generate a temporary password through the WeChat applet management interface. The temporary password can only be used once and becomes invalid after use. How to install a smart fingerprint lock? When we see a product, we will check the product, and the smart fingerprint lock is no exception. Check and judge whether the target door meets the conditions for installing a smart fingerprint lock. Measure several main parameters of the smart fingerprint lock installed on the door, mainly measure the size of the bolt limit piece (side panel) of the old lock of the original door, including the length, width, and the position of the fixing screw (the center point of the screw hole is away from the horizontal edge) The distance from the vertical side) and the number of fixing screws, and then measure the thickness of the door to determine the direction of opening the door. Install a new lock body and lock core, which are the most important components of a smart fingerprint lock. Install the body of the Fuyu smart lock, hang the pole, and then fix it with screws. Next, insert the smart lock cylinder into the lock cylinder hole of the lock body, and use a special screw to insert it from the side to tighten and fix the lock cylinder. After fixing, use the key to insert the lock cylinder and turn the lock cylinder to test whether the lock body can be opened and whether the smart lock is normal. (Installed by Fuyu users) To install the front and rear panels of the smart lock, first install the handles on the front and rear panels, pay attention to the direction when installing, and don't forget to use spring washers when screwing, so as to prevent the handle screws from loosening after a long time of use. After installing the front panel of the Tianfang smart fingerprint lock, keep it still and install the rear panel immediately. Check whether the handle and bolt of the smart fingerprint lock are operating normally, check whether the bolt hole of the door frame is suitable, whether the handle is returned smoothly, test whether the anti-lock button of the smart lock works normally, if it is not normal, you can loosen the screw to adjust the position of the lock And height, tighten the screws after normal. This step needs to initialize the smart lock and enter the administrator's fingerprint, which is also the final project. Of course, considering that most users are not familiar with the installation method, Fuyu now has professional installation masters all over the country, providing free on-site installation services.
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