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How smart door lock to buy?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-17
Smart door lock is executive parts in the entrance guard system to lock the door. Smart door lock different from traditional mechanical lock, is a safety, convenience, advanced technology of compound locks. How to buy smart door lock? 1. Brand, the bigger the better, abroad is better than domestic brands do not represent the product is good, a lot of times some big brands is made more propaganda, some cross-border companies because the original has the fame, is in fact the OEM. Suggestion: recommend domestic brands, money enough can choose the brand, with practical recommendations for the purpose of to choose some of the second-tier and manufacturers have a store brand. 2. Function, the more the better, the market is at present the function of the intelligent lock function is more and more, but the function of the frequently used rarely. If the lock on the way, such as fingerprints, password, credit card, cell phone is the mainstream of mature way of the lock. Proposal: give priority to in order to experience can choose function compares halfback, give priority to with practical use to select function stable mature and combination of the means of validation. 3. Docking the more other intelligent terminals and network, the better for the moment, intelligent locks intelligent interconnection has not form a unified industry standards, selection of network connection way also is not the same, have bluetooth, WiFi, 3 g / 4 g, ZigBee, its security is different also. Advice: choose to contain mature way of networking smart locks, if is in use information disclosure or hacking, but choose not connected to the Internet. 4. The higher the price, the better, or cheaper, the better the product with high price, the quality will be relatively high, but some of the product with high price because of the big brands, propaganda cost more, join the cost caused by higher cost is high, does not necessarily representative of good quality and cost-effective. Suggestion: choose according to their own financial resources, recommend choosing some cost-effective middle-grade intelligent lock. All of us in buying smart door locks, can consider to the above several aspects, choose to suit their own intelligence door lock is all of us need.
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