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How to choose a smart lock? Considering the price, the lock core protection is equally important.

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-05
Thanks to the development of mobile internet and artificial intelligence, the mobile phones, wallets and keys that were once necessary to go out have now disappeared. With the development of smart locks, the keys may not be seen. In the future, more and more families in China will choose smart locks, so how should smart locks be chosen? What should we pay attention? Intelligent lock refers to a lock that is different from traditional mechanical lock and is more intelligent in terms of user identification, safety and management. The smart lock can open the door lock through fingerprint, touch screen and card. Therefore, choose to pay special attention. 1, the heart of the Smart Lock' It must be strong, whether it is a smart lock or a common mechanical lock, its lock core is its core. The function of the lock is anti-theft. The smart lock you choose must have a good lock cylinder. At present, there are only A- Class and B- class anti-theft lock cylinders in the national standard. As for the manufacturer's propaganda of super-B-class or C- class anti-theft lock cylinders, it is only a propaganda, and we should judge it according to its matching keys. The lock core key with high safety level generally has double-layer holes and more than two kinds of teeth. 2, lock core protection is also worthy of attention, just finished the lock cylinder, continue to talk about the importance of protecting the lock cylinder, each smart lock will have a mechanical lock cylinder to deal with emergencies, so many unscrupulous personnel are also eyeing this point. The lock cylinder has high safety and the anti-lock technology will take longer to unlock, but the response to violent unlocking is not much improved, so lock cylinder protection is also particularly important. The lock core protection generally includes a built-in anti-drill bolt and a lock core cover plate, which can effectively protect the internal structure and prolong the life of the lock core. 3. The function lies not in many but in essence. There is now an improper competition behavior in the market, imposing many unnecessary functions on the smart lock and publicizing it, give people an illusion that the more functions, the better. For example, some brand smart locks add APP remote unlocking function, which is of little use and has another layer of risk. For a hacker, it is much easier to crack the smart lock system than to pry the lock. So we have to choose a practical function. In addition to the necessary basic functions such as fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking and card swiping unlocking, low-power reminder and anti-skid alarm are all very practical functions and should be selected according to requirements. 4. For safety, don't be greedy for cheap prices. For those who don't know much about the Smart Lock Market, the price difference of smart locks is too big to make people choose. There are smart locks in 5000 or 6000 yuan and smart locks in five hundred yuan. First of all, the three or five hundred pieces of smart lock material lock core work can not be guaranteed, the actual use may not be as good as the mechanical lock. Of course, it is not recommended that you go to the expensive high-end smart lock. The first is the low cost performance, and the second will be too conspicuous and be remembered by thieves. Choose 1000 ~ The smart lock with a price of 2000 is very suitable for home use.
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