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How to choose a smart lock for the elderly at home?

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-30
Since the beginning of the 21st century, population aging has gradually become a global phenomenon. According to statistics, as of the end of 2019, there were 254 million people aged 60 and above in my country, accounting for 18.1% of the total population. It is predicted that by 2050, my country's elderly population will reach 483 million, while the level of the elderly population will reach 34.8%.   There is no doubt that China has officially entered an aging society. When the negative population growth became a foregone conclusion, there were more and more empty-nest elderly people, and the life problems of the elderly gradually became apparent.   Nowadays, the pace of society is getting faster and faster. Many young people are busy with work. Most of them are not with their parents. There are only two elderly people in the family. The elderly often encounter some 'embarrassment' in their daily lives. Go out to take out the trash, take a walk, forget to bring the key and be locked out of the door at a loss, and I am embarrassed to talk to my family; when my memory becomes dull, I will even insert the key directly in the door and forget to unplug it; what’s more, Some elderly people living alone have had an accident at home, and they can’t immediately understand...   It is a good choice to install smart door locks for the elderly, but these situations, after using smart locks, are not enough to become a problem. Because there is a smart lock, it not only allows the elderly to completely put down the keys, but also protects themselves every time they enter and leave the house!    But there are many smart locks on the market. Which smart lock is suitable for the elderly? What should I pay attention to when buying a smart door lock ?   Choose a smart lock with strong fingerprint recognition capability.   Nowadays, most of the smart door locks on the market use fingerprint unlocking and password unlocking. Although fingerprint unlocking is convenient, there is also a problem. Years of work have made the fingerprints of the elderly's fingers shallower and slower to identify, which affects the user experience. Smart door locks have high recognition rate and fast speed, making them the first choice for the elderly. Smart lock manufacturing semiconductor biometric fingerprint recognition technology, using smart lock fingerprint reader, built-in AI security chip, not only has better anti-theft performance, but also has AI self-learning function, automatically remember your every unlock, smart lock fingerprint reading The card reader, built-in AI security chip, automatically learns your fingerprint recognition every time.  Buy a smart lock with face recognition function.  Some elderly fingerprints are seriously damaged and cannot use the fingerprint unlocking function. You can try the face recognition smart lock. In the current smart lock industry, face recognition technology has greatly improved both in recognition speed and recognition accuracy.   Face recognition smart lock uses unique bionic binocular 3D face recognition technology, uses ultra-clear wide-angle dual cameras to obtain facial information, and then uses depth algorithm to calculate and fuse to form a three-dimensional image, and identify and judge whether it has the authority to open the door. Cooperate with the fully automatic unlocking function of the door lock to realize the 'non-contact' unlocking function.   Its accuracy is second only to DNA detection, it can completely avoid the risk of being copied, and can intelligently distinguish changes in the user's light makeup, glasses, and signs of age, and the false recognition rate of facial recognition is <0.0001%. In daily life, if the elderly forget to bring the key or have difficulty in fingerprint recognition, installing a smart face recognition lock in the home can help the elderly open the door smoothly.   Choose a smart lock with high security.   For the elderly living alone, as the first entrance to the family, the appearance and color of smart locks are not the focus of purchase, but safety is the primary consideration. Smart locks such as visual intercom, real-time capture alarm, all-weather active defense and other intimate security protection functions, not only make the elderly at home safer, but also make children safer.   In addition, the smart door lock also needs to have a low-voltage alarm prompt function to remind the elderly to replace the battery in time. When the elderly go out or go home, they tend to forget to close the door. If the door is not locked in time, a buzzer or audible alarm will be issued to remind the user to lock the door. This smart door lock is suitable for the elderly.   Of course, in addition to selecting the appropriate type of smart lock, the following methods can also be used to allow the elderly to use the smart lock normally.   Bring an encrypted proximity card.   It is best to bring a magnetic card when you go out, and put it in your handbag or coat pocket as a backup tool to open the door if fingerprint recognition fails. The smart lock uses an encrypted proximity card, which is convenient for management and prevents copying. If the card is removed, the card can be deleted, which is much safer than a general mechanical key.   Record the password as a phone number.   A smart lock with a virtual password function, we can also record the password as a phone number and store it in the phone address book of the elderly. You can unlock the lock by adding a few digits before and after the correct 6-digit password, which can effectively prevent people from peeping.   When choosing a smart lock for the elderly at home, it is necessary to observe the fingerprints of the elderly. You can first check with fingerprint recognition devices such as mobile phones to see if they can often be successfully identified. It is best to take the elderly to the store to buy, choose a smart lock with a high recognition rate and a variety of door opening methods.
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