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How to choose and intelligent anti-theft lock a few little detail direction

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-02

For smart home has a lot of, whether it is a good prospects or not be born is dead. But to admit that the smart home is fire since last year. A lot of smart home market item begin to enter public life, among them, the most popular intelligent anti-theft lock market. However, the wide variety of products that you have to understand? Each type of intelligent anti-theft lock has the function of different, it is need to be aware of when buying. In addition, the market is not standard, the product have different standard. In order to avoid when the choose and buy is sales staff a hype said halo. You should understand the following intelligent anti-theft lock common sense. — — Biometric fingerprint, iris, face recognition and other intelligent lock is not necessarily more anti-theft lock. Is becoming more and more advanced in science and technology today, this kind of product sophistication is being challenged. Fingerprint of the biological characteristics, such as replication technology is more and more simple. That is to say, the tangible encryption technology to new technology support, otherwise, its safety is not always reliable. — — The higher the level of mechanical lock core, we will be more security? Actually, determine mechanical heart lock anti-theft performance depends on three aspects: one is the locking of the material, the material toughness better more; Second, the structure of the lock core, the advantages and disadvantages of each structure with him, a combination of several different structure is much better than the single structure; Three is the accuracy of the machining precision is high performance better. — — Intelligent anti-theft lock are not necessarily expensive luxury. For a long time, many consumer for smart enough to understand fully, anti-theft lock market caused the people still think smart locks belong to high-end consumer goods, but this is not the case. After several rounds of adjustment, the intelligent anti-theft lock market has gradually implement some industry standards. Some manufacturers have introduced a lot of people price products. — — The easier it is with other intelligent terminal docking products, not necessarily the higher quality. To some extent, smart home and other terminal connection is it become one of the basis of a smart home. The concept of Internet of things is also established in this. But all of the hardware connection should be an absolute standard: security. In mobile phones, for example, connected to the mobile phones of smart home need to rely on such intelligent terminal to achieve the purpose of control and visual, but because without considering the proper security, many smart home can be other terminal access without authentication. This is especially dire for intelligent anti-theft lock. When you came to the door, the door is automatically opened for you; When you leave home close the door, the door will automatically lock again; Don't take the key can open the door, brush brush face, fingerprint to the door, the once seen in science fiction, nowadays, with the emergence of intelligent anti-theft lock, more and more into People's Daily life.
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