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How to choose identify electronic lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-16
Electronic lock is a password or to control circuit, so as to control mechanical switches closed, lock, lock task of electronic products. So all of us in choosing a electronic lock, generally carried out in accordance with the method of how to identify? 1. When choosing electronic lock to see whether the appearance is suitable for your decoration, surface treatment is fine, what material is made of, had better choose stainless steel die casting, but induction zone is can't be metal, because inductive zone can't metal. 2. Electronic lock hole is the international standard, now with the international standard and the standard of two kinds of lock body opening way, the benefits of using international standards are easy to find help in your door opening engineering personnel and equipment, convenient installation you just the way they are. 3. Must have mechanical keys, this is important, if there are any special circumstances, mechanical keys is how important. Finally, if the developer has to your door with the electronic lock. All of us in choosing a electronic lock, pay more attention to the above points, choose appropriate satisfaction of our electronic lock is all of us need to master.
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