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How to choose intelligent door lock and hotel door lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-29
The hotel can only consider the product information of the door lock: 1. It's specially designed for luxury hotels; 2. It's European style and royal style; 3. It's made of pure copper forged panel handle, highlighting the dignity; 4. It's advanced electroplating technology, durable hotel door lock needs to consider the following functions: 1. It's made of zinc alloy (stainless steel or copper) by one-time die-casting, high safety, strong and durable; 2. It's intelligent ultra-thin small lock core, left and right It's easy to change, Reduce the destructive force generated when the door lock is opened to the minimum; 3. Free handle, to prevent external pressure from damaging the internal structure of the door lock, with long service life; 4. Each circuit board has been strictly tested in the factory to ensure its service life; 5. Low voltage alarm prompt function, to prompt the user to replace the battery in time when the door lock is out of power; 6. Use emergency card or mechanical key to ensure that the door lock is in special circumstances Normal opening; 7. Cycle to save the latest 256 unlocking records to understand the unlocking dynamics at any time; 8. Terminate the opening function of the lost card (or designated card); 9. Provide the warning function of unlocking; There is a real-time clock in the lock, which can effectively control the use time of the key card; prevent the guest from defaulting on the room fee maliciously; 10 software can be divided into general control level, building control level, control level, service area level, room level, etc., with clear authority
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