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How to choose interior door lock, lock body 50, 72 lock body, lock body 58 you choose

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-09
Indoor door lock belongs to the home of the common hardware, use longer unavoidably appear all sorts of fault, such as oxidation rust, handle is not flexible, etc. , need to change, but change master lock cost is too high, needs several hundred yuan at a time. Actually don't have to spend the money, oneself start work can change, indoor door lock selection is the key to lock body change, other parts is not easy to damage. The market is more common lock body 50 58 lock body and lock body, lock body 72. So choose what kind of lock body size more suitable? With small make up to look down.     Lock body material: common lock body materials include: pure copper and stainless steel two kinds, including pure brass lock body quality is better, the price is relatively high, more durable.     Rich yu hardware 50 58 magnet magnetic lock body, lock body, 72 magnetic lock body & emsp;       Lock body size measurement: the main measurement from oversew and center distance, overlock distance equal to alter to the round hole distance, center distance is equal to the square hole and the distance between the round hole & emsp;     5045 magnetic lock body absorption: side whipstitch distance = 45 mm, center distance = 50 mm & emsp;   5058 magnetic lock body absorption: side whipstitch distance = 50 mm, center distance = 58 mm & emsp;   7255 magnetic lock body absorption: side whipstitch distance = 55 mm, center distance = 72 mm
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