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How to choose mute door lock need?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-11
The voice of the silent door lock loudness low to 28. 8 decibels, six 0% than ordinary locks reduce noise; Lock body within 5 heavy special sound design, effectively abate noise parts movement. Such as latch to spherical design, embedded high strength nylon mute aprons and latch guide bush, effectively reduce the noise of the lock tongue contractions occur. Is the dear friends that decorate, pick locks, listen to the guide mentioned mute door lock? Mute door lock originated in Japan, this kind of door lock tongue and handle the metal solid core coated with a layer of plastic, open and close feel is very good, also to achieve the effect of the motors. Like quiet, dear friends, isn't also want to give oneself the home doors are fitted with mute door lock? But the mute door lock on the market so much, which is more suitable for yourself? Second brother shopping consumption guidance experts that gives your comments carefully, ensure that dear friends choose the right products. In the fruit of the locks, rendered mute door lock, represents a direction of the development of the locks. Follow the mute door lock features known by more consumers sales of its products have greatly improved. Mute door lock on the product design to use more sound processing technology, increase the using effect of product more bumps.
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