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How to choose suitable satisfactory door lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-15
Door lock is used to lock to live, to prevent others to open the door of the equipment. All of us at the time of picking locks, general major need to see what aspects? Below to share to pick locks three indicators below 1, lock body material actually involves a lot of professional knowledge, and each manufacturer production technology. 2, there are a lot of lock key, such as cross, round mouth, crescent, and so on, a lot of key material is copper, aluminum, ferroalloy, is easy to be copied, now better made of steel, the new electronic key, their safety is relatively high. 3, lock: people generally buy a lock is only see appearance, think big lock = good lock. No matter what you buy is what kind of domestic lock, lock usually copper, copper is relatively soft, the characteristics of the use of tools, such as electric drill, strong flow acid could easily destroy copper lock. When all of us at picking locks, you can look at the three major indexes, choose the right door lock is important.
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