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How to choose the right fingerprint password lock?

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-12
Smart door locks have been used in many homes, and its safety and convenience also make us like, so what parameters should we look at when buying smart door locks? How to choose the right smart door lock? Not as good as the following us Let's take a look together. What parameters do you need to know when buying a smart door lock? The advertisement for the grade lock cylinder is indeed equipped with a grade A or B lock cylinder, so you need to understand the lock cylinders of grade A, B, and C, and distinguish whether it is grade C by the key.  2. Fingerprint recognition method   Most of the current smart fingerprint door locks use semiconductor fingerprint recognition, which uses living fingerprint recognition technology. But some Xiaobai will not distinguish between optical fingerprint recognition and semiconductor fingerprint recognition. Optical fingerprint recognition has been gradually eliminated from fingerprint locks due to its limitations and greater environmental impact. 3. The method of opening the door must first be understood. It is not that the more opening methods, the better the door lock. Basically, fingerprints, passwords, cards and mechanical keys are standard, and it will also support Bluetooth, WeChat applets, APP, remote control, etc. Diversified ways to meet people's various needs. How to maintain the fingerprint code lock 1. Installation needs to be standardized. Many fingerprint code locks often have some minor problems. Many of the reasons are caused by improper installation. Therefore, when buying, let professional installers install it to reduce installation problems. And cause the door lock to appear.  2. Do not drop the door or hang objects on the handle.   After opening the door, the habit of slamming the door and closing the door is not good, and has a greater impact on the life of the fingerprint code lock. At the same time, objects cannot be hung on the handle, which will affect the flexibility of the handle.  3. Check regularly    The fingerprint password lock has been used for a long time, and the fingerprint collection will cause dirt. It can be wiped with a dry soft cloth. When the battery is low, it needs to be replaced in time, and it is all replaced, and the old and new batteries cannot be shared. Regularly check whether the screws are loose, but do not disassemble them at will. Professionals are required to operate them. How to choose a suitable fingerprint password lock The stability of a fingerprint password lock is an important indicator. A stable fingerprint password lock is a product that has been tested, tested and finalized by the manufacturer for a long time, and will only be launched after it is stable. Therefore, choose the fingerprint password For locks, you must choose a fingerprint lock manufacturer with independent research and development to ensure the quality and stability of the door lock. At the same time, the after-sales service of such a manufacturer is relatively complete.   The versatility of fingerprint password lock is also a more important point. Good versatility means to match most doors, so there is no need to drill holes to damage the door. At the same time, if you encounter after-sales problems and need to be disassembled, you can also install the original mechanical lock for backup.  The convenience that smart door locks bring to our lives must be known to everyone, but while making our lives easier, we must also take care of them.
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