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How to choose the right hand lock - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-19
Are countries pay more and more attention to indoor security project, indoor security home another way is to prevent others to steal, to protect their assets. So how do you do to ensure the security of indoor? This have inseparable relations with the choice of hand lock.     Indoor security has been the efforts in the direction of a lot of people, such as: low-level residents to install window, equipped with toughened glass, and so on. Mentioned indoor security, hold hand lock is one of the big hero, just for urban and rural areas, the use of door lock is a big difference, rural use is given priority to with the padlock, multi-purpose hand lock, the city as people living standard rise, people's aesthetic, great changes have taken place in many hand lock manufacturers put forward the customized service, not only can choose to use material, also can design different style, different colors. So how to choose the right hand lock? Along with the small make up continue to read on.     Hand how to choose: lock & emsp;   1, select & emsp;   A hand there are many different types of lock, such as: separation, one-piece, push-pull type, keyless type and so on. The keyless hand lock is suitable for the toilet or bathroom, push-pull type of hand lock is more suitable for installation on the glass door, and split type and one lock is suitable for installation in the bedroom door, study door, corridor door, etc.     2, select material & emsp;   Hand lock of different materials have different characteristics, lock body use what materials will directly affect the service life of the door lock. Such as corrosion resistant stainless steel door lock, antioxidant ability, zinc alloy of hand lock design is rich, more beautiful, and so on. Hand lock, in general, the material should choose high hardness, corrosion resistance of the material, according to the actual use of the environment.     3, choose the brand & emsp;   Hand lock brands on the market there are many, including the big brands, small brands all have, don't covet petty gain to choose inferior hand lock, not only quality is not guaranteed, and if there is a problem, also can not find special personnel responsible for processing, then to replace, add unnecessary costs.     4, the budget & emsp;   Countless experience tells us that the consumer must see the budget, not excess consumption, choice of hand lock is the same reason, especially large quantities of purchase, need more, the number of can't over budget more, in some projects need to issue the corresponding invoices, need to pay tax, which is a part of the budget.
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