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How to choose the safest smart door lock in your mind?

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-30
With the development of the times, technology is becoming more and more advanced, smart furniture has entered thousands of households, and smart locks are a topic of great concern to everyone. However, the smart door locks on the market are dizzying. Now, more and more people choose to experience The new security model, then, what kind of smart door lock is the safest in your mind? 1. What is the price range of smart door locks? For now, smart door locks are still in the popular education period in the market, and the market costs of each company are relatively high compared to mechanical locks. In the short term, the mainstream price of smart door locks will still stay at 2000+. In the long term, we should pay more attention to the price range of 1500-3000. Those with higher quality and brand requirements can pay attention to the price range of 3000. 2. Is it free on-site installation? According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 400 models of domestic door locks with nearly 2,000 specifications, so the general sales of smart door locks are installed for free. Don't worry about this. Installation is a professional work done by professionals. Users only need to see whether the results meet expectations. 3. Is the safety higher than traditional mechanical locks? The security of mainstream brands is relatively higher than that of traditional mechanical locks, but some low-end products and flaws may not be necessary. At present, several generations of fingerprint door locks cannot be fully anti-copying, but copying will be difficult, unless you are subjectively willing to give your fingerprints to others to copy, other situations are basically impossible, so the security risk of copying can be basically ignored). Safety should pay more attention to several indicators: the ability to prevent prying, the ability to prevent technical opening, the reliability and the durability of these indicators, depending on how the manufacturer solves the problem. 4. What should I do if the battery is out? Smart door locks must use electricity, but the current mainstream smart door locks are basically battery-based, unless a few large electricity needs to use city electricity, which is mainly reflected in commercial occasions. Most of the batteries used in smart door locks are AA batteries. Rechargeable batteries have only appeared in the last two years. These batteries are generally equipped with charging cables or spare batteries. It can be used normally for more than 1 year (at least 4 capsules can be used to start). When the battery is low, there will be a voice prompt to unlock the lock, and there will be a prompt in the mobile APP. If there is no time to change the battery and the battery is used up, the power bank can be used to unlock the emergency power supply. 5. Are the fingerprint and password functions standard? It is not necessary to configure. This is based on the market and consumer habits. At present, the functions of smart door locks mainly include biometrics (fingerprints are more common, and face, iris, etc., due to technical or cost constraints, are relatively rare. ), password, card swiping, network, APP and many other opening functions, these functions are randomly matched according to market demand, but password and fingerprint are the two most popular methods at this stage. 6. How many fingerprints can be recorded? How to set it up? The number of fingerprints entered is generally related to the memory size of smart door lock products (which can also be understood as the storage size of the computer's hard disk). At present, the number of fingerprints entered for mainstream smart door locks is more than 50, and individual products can even enter 1,000. However, too many fingerprints are not very useful. On the contrary, they will be inconvenient to manage because of too many fingerprints. 7. Which part of the smart door lock should be the most concerned? Integrating a large number of dealers and consumers' purchase needs to obtain data: safety>quality>function>appearance>applicability. Safety comes first because safety is a negative basic requirement, which must be met; quality and service are the most valued by consumers; function is an important requirement for purchasers; appearance is home decoration, aesthetics and even identity Demand; applicability directly determines whether it can be installed properly on your own door. In the process of purchasing, you can adjust your willingness to buy products according to the above items or sequence. 8. How to choose the material and appearance? The material is actually easy to say, the material of the smart door lock, especially the surface material, is mainly composed of zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and iron. Among them, zinc alloy is currently the most common, with relatively high hardness and strength. Stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance and pry resistance, but due to material limitations, the shape is generally rigid, and the appearance is weak. Aluminum alloy and iron are basically low-end locks currently in use. As for the appearance, we recommend that you set the appearance first, and then choose the material, which saves time. 9. In-store or online purchase? Whether to buy smart door locks online or in physical stores, this is the most tangled problem of many people. In fact, the main consideration is the after-sales issue. We have to communicate with the seller about the after-sales related matters before buying, and there is no problem.
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