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How to correctly choose indoor door lock, four common lock selection method - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-21
Industry has a sentence 'adept guard the entrance, dilettante watch the scene of bustle for ordinary consumers, for indoor door lock cognitive, selection of indoor door lock is more troublesome, good and evil people mixed up the market, quality is uneven, the brand is also a variety of, to market shopping for a circle there is a hindrance. Indoor door locks, safety as a first line of protect threshold, is also the embodiment of the life taste, indoor door lock as a representative of the metal parts of the product, how to correctly choose indoor door lock? In the selection process pay attention to what issues? Fu yu hardware below small make up teach everyone from the perspective of indoor door lock manufacturers five common lock selection method, help you buy the rest assured, durable, safe locks.     Indoor door how to correctly choose: & emsp;   Method one: the appearance & emsp;   Compared in terms of safety, more emphasis on interior door lock is adornment sex, namely 'level' in appearance, as enter indoor first saw products, is also the first impression of people to be resided to the taste and decent design, modelling and style bring out the best in each other, can greatly increase the taste of the owner. The appearance of the interior door lock, color, style, size etc. Be short of one cannot.     Fu yu hardware indoor door lock, more than 500 kinds of style, color, shape, combined with their own r&d R3 nanoscale surface fine treatment, greatly enhance the surface unique feeling the locks. Green bronze, yellow bronze, gold, bright chrome, black is suitable for all kinds of decoration style, let a person shine at the moment, add more elegant demeanour.     Method 2: choose material & emsp;   Because of the zinc alloy material modelling diversity, design, color is complete, look better, more and more by consumers like, zinc alloy material as indoor door lock of choice. Besides being nice to look at, the zinc alloy indoor door lock tactility is another big advantage, zinc alloy material soft texture, easy polishing, casting, electroplating, joint skin more, feel better.     When choosing indoor door lock, the key attention to weight, try quantity on hand, if partial light, it is not recommended to choose; Additional surface sand holes, spots, adjacent parts whether there is any color difference, etc. Remember, do not covet petty gain, choose cheap indoor door lock, a price a points goods, cheap products are prone to cut corners, quality is unqualified, etc. , affect the use.     Fu yu hardware indoor door lock, choose Z3 wear resistance, corrosion resistant material, compared with common metal, has the stronger hardness, the improved material to make the locks to extend the service life, testing found that the same price than the market indoor door lock in prolong the using time more than five years, oil pollution, in the face of life can easily cope with water damage.     Method 3: choose process & emsp;   Indoor door lock, people are busy every day, open the door, shut the door will cause varying degrees of damage to the lock body, so, to the requirement of production technology have high quality high and low is directly related to degree of process intensification.     High quality indoor door lock processing fine, smooth surface, smooth lines, handle pressure accord with human body mechanics design; Indoor door lock, and inferior production cut corners, shoddy, stiff tongue lock pop-up, face plate is very thin, on the hand, light, in case of close energetically prone to failure, handles, the lock tongue can't pop up, etc.     Fu yu hardware indoor door lock, inherited the aesthetic characteristics of the Oriental culture, at the same time combines the foreign technology advantage, has 18 professional research and development centers, each locks from raw material procurement to the outbound sales, experienced hundreds of strict testing procedures, to ensure that every detail perfect, each product in line with national standards, trouble-free, zero defect.     Method four: to recognize the brand & emsp;   When selecting a indoor door lock, advised to choose a high brand awareness, has perfect after-sales service products, only big brand products, to the technology, use of materials, production equipment, after-sales service, etc, cengcengbaguan, standing in the consumer's point of view, thinking, and solve the problem.     Fu yu hardware indoor door lock manufacturers, has 21 years lock production research and development experience, service involving more than 780 counties and cities, more than 20000 customers, professional for wooden door factory, wood shop, hardcover room engineering provide locks supporting services. Exclusive customer service, provide one-to-one personalization indoor door lock, provide free samples.
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