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How to find a strength of indoor door lock manufacturers cooperation - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-18
For wooden door factory, wood shop, find accord with the condition of indoor door lock manufacturers to cooperate is very critical, indoor door lock manufacturers and wooden door factory belongs to the relationship between upstream and downstream, both interdependence, mutual existence. Indoor door lock manufacturers on the market there are many, including guangdong, zhejiang manufacturer of indoor door lock or own brand nearly more than 2000, choose up and dazzling, so how to find a strong interior door manufacturer cooperation, can listen to how rich yu hardware small make up is introduced.     How to find a strong interior door manufacturer?     1, see profile & emsp;   In the Internet age, the confidence is transparent, if indoor door lock manufacturers online popularity is not high, even poor reputation, this factory is basically small workshops, because they do not have enough power to contact the Internet, let the customer satisfied with their products, still in the original offline marketing channels, the efficiency is not high.     2, see after ability & emsp;   For indoor door lock manufacturers, whether late service ability is very important, powerful manufacturers have professional after-sales service team, because their client base is big, need to deal with after-sales problem, need refinement in the form of the team to solve customer's problems, such as: has to be responsible for the logistics transportation, is responsible for installation instructions, is responsible for return and so on.     3, see workshop environment & emsp;   Production workshop and production equipment as well as the number of employees is how can directly reflect the indoor door lock manufacturers strength, these are part of the manufacturer to hard power. Take the rich yu hardware hardware, production workshop covers an area of 15 mu, there are three floors, more than 300 employees, has a lot of strength.     Saw the introduction of the above, for wooden door factory, should know how to find the interior door manufacturer cooperation with strength, are looking for manufacturer cooperation on the one hand, also clearly positioning itself as well as strength.
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