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How to identify the mute lock have safety inspection certification?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-15
Mute lock is a mechanical locking device is controlled by relay, has formed a variety of different structure of the series production, including electric mortise lock ( The anode lock) And the cathode lock ( Electric lock mouth) , magnetic locks, electric control lock, etc. So how do we identify mute lock if there is a safety inspection certification? 1. We are going to have a look at: is printed on the product have the CE safety certification, it is a national security product standard notation, it is very good comment on product safety, is a product of other manufacturers can't imitate security tags, this involves many people's health is good is must be careful to consider so. 2. Look mute lock manufacturers manufacturers, brand is mute lock as a sign of trustworthy, if good brand customers also pay attention to right now, so there are high quality brand of mute lock is worth buying. All of us in identifying mute lock is safety inspection certification, can from the above several aspects to certification, correctly identify mute lock security is what we need.
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