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How to install the fingerprint electronic lock? do we need to care something?

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-08
How to install a fingerprint electronic lock? What should I pay attention to when installing a fingerprint electronic lock? A tutorial on how to install a fingerprint electronic lock. The installation of the fingerprint electronic lock is a step that must be completed before use. Only a reasonable installation of the fingerprint lock can it be better operated and used. The installation steps of the fingerprint electronic lock include preparation before installation, disassembly of the old lock body (this step is not included in the installation of the new anti-theft door), installation of the new lock body, installation of the panel, installation of front and rear gussets, and fingerprint lock function setting and debugging.  Fingerprint electronic lock door opening direction selection and installation preparations  When we install, we must determine the opening direction. Generally, most of them are now opened on the right. Here we also use this example. Of course, friends can also choose other directions.  The first step: check and judge the target   first check the type of target door, and then whether the effective installation width of the position where the lock is installed reaches the width of the fingerprint lock body, and whether the final effect of the installation plan can be accepted by the customer. If there are no problems with these conditions, you can proceed to the following steps. Step 2: Measure several main parameters of the original old lock on the door. After the above measurement and observation, record the parameters and determine whether you need to customize the side panel. If the side panel of the original anti-theft door is not standard 30*240 Or 24*240, generally need to be customized. Step 3: Remove the original lock. After confirming the original door's material, specifications, and original lock related parameters and ready to install the accessories, first remove the original lock and store it in a box, which is kept by the customer. If the fingerprint lock needs to be removed After maintenance, you can install the original lock for temporary replacement. Step 4: Install the new lock body and the lock cylinder. After removing the old lock body, install the fingerprint lock body (for custom-made side panels, install the side panels on the lock body first), and hang the heaven and earth poles. Then fix it with screws. Next, insert Fangpu's high-security lock cylinder into the lock cylinder hole of the lock body, and use a special screw to insert it from the side to tighten and fix the lock cylinder. After fixing, use the key to insert the lock cylinder and turn the lock cylinder to test whether the lock body can be opened and whether the unlocking is normal. Fingerprint electronic lock lock body installation steps 1. Make sure that the direction of the lock tongue is consistent with the opening direction of the door. If not, part of the fingerprint lock anti-theft lock body can be adjusted. Use a screwdriver to lift the inclined tongue, rotate it 180° and then loosen the screwdriver to reset it. Can.  2. Then put the lock body into the opened door hole with the oblique tongue end as the upper end, let the lock body line pass through the upper door hole in front of the door, and then fasten the lock body with screws. 3. Put the lock cylinder into the lock body hole from the outside of the door, and fix the lock cylinder with the lock screw. At this time, the lock body part is installed. Use the mechanical key to test whether the lock body bolt works normally, and then install the panel .   Fingerprint electronic lock panel installation method   1. Before installing the panel, install the handle according to the opening direction of the door. The front and rear panels should be parallel to the door, and the left and right distances should not be skewed to keep the handle and the lock body in the same horizontal direction. Adjust the vertical distance between the handle and the lock body to keep the same. 2. First put the front rod into the lock body hole from the outside, and then insert the lock body line and the panel bus bar, and the male line passes through the door hole to the back of the door. At this time, you can put the square rod spring into the handle hole , Align the handle square hole of the front panel with the front rod and insert it, then install the rear base plate from the inside of the door and fix the rear base plate and the front panel on the door with screws.  3. Then put the rear rod into the square hole of the lock body from the inside of the door, put the spring into the handle hole of the rear panel, and insert the connecting wire of the rear panel and the male wire of the front panel.  4. Put the extra wire into the door hole, then put the front panel into the rear rod and install it on the door, and lock it with screws.   5. Then install four AA alkaline batteries to test the installation and function of the entire lock.  Fingerprint electronic lock box buckle plate installation tutorial  1. After the fingerprint lock test is normal, you can install the buckle box and the buckle plate on the door frame, pay attention to distinguish the direction of the upper and lower ends of the buckle plate, and the square holes are at the upper end.  2. Then open and close the door to test whether the closure of the buckle box and the latch door frame is normal. Note that it is best to have someone inside and outside the door at this time, in case the door cannot be opened during the test. In this way, our door lock is installed.  Fingerprint electronic lock installation precautions   1) Because the door opening method is different, the hole position on the installation mold is different, so the correct position must be determined before installation.   2) The direction of the front and rear body wires, sockets and plugs of the lock ensure that the connection is correct.  3) Before installation, determine the installation height. After attaching the installation die to the corresponding position, use a pencil to draw the position of the hole.  4) When drawing holes, the folding edge of the installation mold must be perpendicular to the door frame, otherwise the lock body will not be perpendicular to the door after installation.  5) Generally, the lock cylinder is required to be installed in the middle of the door thickness.  6) After the door frame is opened, the wood chips or other foreign objects in the hole must be cleaned to prevent the debris from falling into the lock body when the door is opened and closed.   New fingerprint locks generally do not have fingerprints and passwords or cards entered, but it is better to enter the management mode before use and run the initialization operation to ensure that the lock settings are restored to the factory default values u200bu200band the original data is cleared. After the initialization is completed, enter the user's administrator fingerprint and other information.
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