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How to judge the quality of the fingerprint lock body?

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-31
The fingerprint lock body is the core component of a fingerprint lock, which determines whether the fingerprint lock has higher security capabilities and is the fundamental core of whether the fingerprint lock is safe. So how do we judge the quality of a fingerprint lock body? First, look at the lock tongue and lock tongue is the main load-bearing component, it is better to use stainless steel, and it must be solid at the same time. To check the structure of the bolt. Generally, the electronic lock body has four tongues and five tongues, and the Bawang lock body uses double hook bolts. Regardless of the structure, it is best to have more locking points, that is, when someone breaks through a bolt, there are other bolts that do not retract with the linkage, so that they can continue to be placed. Second, look at the lock cylinder The lock cylinder is the key to security performance. At present, the lock cylinder is preferably made of pure copper, and the type and level of the lock cylinder are more important. 3. Look at the function of the lock body. One function that the fingerprint lock body must have is the fireproof function, which is mainly reflected in the material selection and lock body structure design. It is necessary to ensure that the lock body structure is still complete and functional Normal use. If the lock body is stable, the display will be more perfect if you have other functions, such as the lock body self-bouncing function, anti-saw function, etc. 4. Look at the material The lock body includes the main body, the bolt and the lock cylinder. The main body of the fingerprint lock body is made of zinc alloy and stainless steel. The abrasion resistance and impact resistance of zinc alloy are far less than stainless steel, and it is easy Deformation, so manufacturers should choose stainless steel lock body, and preferably 304 stainless steel; the lock tongue is one of the main parts of bearing force, it must be strong and reliable, and 304 stainless steel is also better; the lock cylinder is the core part of the lock body, Abrasion resistance, impact resistance and rust resistance are required, so the lock cylinder is generally made of pure copper. Ningbo Fuyu Fingerprint Lock Joyshare: The benchmark among fingerprint lock manufacturers, has a number of patented inventions, and has opened fingerprint lock franchising and fingerprint lock agency services to the market. Welcome to inquire.
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