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How to prevent illegal key unlocking measures?

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-19
The effectiveness of the lock is not to prevent the destruction of the intruder, but to how long the intruder can be consumed. The longer the delay, the more trouble the intruder will have and the higher the risk of discovery, is the main goal for using locks. A pin Reed lock may be opened in a few seconds by a thief with unlocking experience, but most potential offenders are not unlocking experts. Therefore, A moderately safe lock can effectively delay its unlocking time, causing inconvenience and increasing the risk of being invented. The use of general locks depends on the value of the objects they maintain. For locks that are too complicated and troublesome, users do not often use them, and there are many illegal intrusions, it is because the doors and windows are not locked, or they are only closed and the door latch is not locked. The following are the common methods of illegal invasion and preventive measures, which are only for the general public as a preventive reference. Illegal key unlocking the mob takes advantage of service opportunities such as hotel parking, car washing or car repair, copy the home key on the customer's key ring, and use the customer's materials to know the address, and then start the crime of invading the house. For the prevention of using illegal keys, the effective prevention method should be used to repair cars or wash cars in familiar businesses, or not to separate the scene in the service process. If it is impossible not to separate, at least other keys should be taken away, leaving only the car keys. When copying the key in the key store, it should be concluded that the technician did not copy an extra one and keep it secretly. Some key numbers are printed on the lock and should be worn to avoid being detected by others. Hotel managers should strictly control the master key, and the loss of the master key will persecute the security system. Don't leave everyone's name, address, phone number, car number or driver's license number on the key ring. Although leaving the materials will help to return the lost key, it will also cause the opportunity to suffer. It is better to copy it in advance. The marks on the key, such as the door, mailbox, safe, office, etc. , it is best not to keep them. If the above-mentioned dangerous situation of possible victims has occurred in the inevitable state, the lock should be changed again immediately, but it is better to find a familiar locksmith with credit; At the same time, the locks used in the home are preferably of different series, which can effectively prevent invasion. Illegal unlocking with tools prying the lock with a thin and hard lever into the lock to open the lock. Whether it is a bump lock, a lever lock, a coil spring lock or a pin spring lock, it can be pried with a lever, in terms of professional scale, the scale of highly secure locks is that the unlocking time exceeds half a minute. Of course, the producers of locks have also continuously developed improved techniques to compete against being pried open. Locks with precise techniques can still effectively delay the unlocking time. Use the impression to prepare the key, insert the appropriate key into the lock and rotate it, so that the key is broken and the lock spring generates friction and the impression occurs, and then try to figure out the tooth carving, and repeatedly apply the impression to repeatedly figure out the key is broken, in order to meet the opening lock of the teeth. This method is not practical for high-precision locks, but can be used to open general locks, which are most suitable for bump locks. Read the coil spring lock use the lock reader and depth gauge to distinguish the number, position and depth value of the lock spring, and use the knife to prepare the key. This kind of unlocking method is rare in the crime of theft, because technicians with rich experience must be able to do it. There are few people who break the law by using unlocking tools to damage the lock, and most of them invade by destroying the latch or the cylinder of the lock, but this method has a high risk, for example, large and clumsy tools are difficult to carry, the sound is too loud when destroyed, and the lock is destroyed, which may form a crisis in theft (Easily invented on the spot). The way to counter this destruction is to use stronger and more precise locks, so that thieves must use larger and more complex tools, spend more time, make more noise and leave more evidence. This kind of destruction method prises the latch. Pry open the door leaf with a crowbar and pry open the door latch; Or damage the door frame with tools. Pry the latch open. The way of prevention is to strengthen the metal door frame with the device. Hit the latch directly. Destroy the wall or door frame, and directly knock the latch with tools. Generally, the latch cannot resist such knocking. But thieves must take a high risk of making a loud voice and spending time. Saw latch. Apply a hacksaw to saw off the latch. To prevent this kind of damage, the device can rotate the latch or strengthen the metal latch to compete. Peel the door frame. Peel off the outer skin of the thin iron or aluminum door frame to damage the latch. The way to prevent damage is to install reinforced door mortar plates or to strengthen the protection of metal door frames. Apply the tool to pull out the lock barrel. Most of the screws fixed to the lock cylinder are cowardly and cannot be pulled out of the tools. It can be prevented by a thicker and strengthened metal latch. Twist lock barrel. Twisting the lock cylinder with tools is a common method for thieves. The device can be fixed to help the latch resist it. Lock barrel drilling. This is also the way of locksmith application, but the risk is very high, very squandering time, can be fixed to help the latch strengthen protection.
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